NAACP President: Meeting With Facebook Was A Waste Of Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NAACP President: Meeting With Facebook Was A Waste Of Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NAACP President Derrick Johnson discusses a meeting between civil rights leaders and Facebook executives over a widespread advertiser boycott of Facebook’s platform due to flourishing hate speech and misinformation. Aired on 07/08/2020.
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NAACP President: Meeting With Facebook Was A Waste Of Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. frictionRx9 who said they are exempt?

      Youre here still wetting those Russian panties over it, right?

    2. frictionRx9 not true at all. MSNBC is so middle of the road they constantly play devils advocate. There are maybe one or two decent journalist they don’t try so hard to make Everything equal. There is a right and wrong so let’s stop pretending there is anything good in racism and bigotry

  1. I am going to run an AD on FACEBOOK about what a cheating school
    WHORTON is for allowing trump to graduate?

    1. Now that Wharton knows that Trump cheated on his SATs they should pull back his degree not that it’s really worth anything he was at the bottom of the barrel when it came to graduating but still it’s at least sticking it to him

    1. @Nancy Prevost your fake news names dont get you a win.. we see how hurt you are..cheer up..we doing great..

  2. Yes ever since I found out FB has jumped through tax loop holes around the world I have thought of canceling my account with them. After seeing this I believe that will now happen. So long FB.

  3. Facebook has been on the decline for years, I never really use it for anything other than chatting with long distance relatives/friends via messenger.

  4. I have never used Facebook since they sold millions of users Data to advertisers and foreign governments for profit ….. This changes nothing

    1. I was on FB but after they got hacked I got off. But, I saw The Social Network; his treatment of friends and colleagues at Harvard, stealing the idea of FB from others that he’s had to pay off, should have warned me off from making him rich. We could all boycott FB.

  5. It’s situations like this that separates the men from the boys. Now we know your true colors.

    1. People just need to realize that if they are getting a free service on the internet then they are the commodity being sold. There really is no way to protect yourselves from cyber-surveillance these days, short of not carrying a phone and paying in all cash.

      A little bit of precaution can reduce that footprint, but convenience strips away caution.

    2. Why do so many people believe Facebook Twitter or any social media in this way.
      Everyone should know by now most of it is DRAMA AND GOSSIP. Daytime soaps where did they go? Social media.

    3. @Matt Thompson How are either BLM or Antifa racist? I guess Russian trolls have a different definition of the word racist than US citizens do.

  6. I deleted my Facebook account over 3 years ago. Now if I want to see lies and BS I just watch Fox News.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I rejected this evil media platform 3 years ago also. Thanks for your post.

    2. How did you delete, (not mute,) your account please? I want my account completely gone! 3 months without social media, it’s the best thing I ever did, do not miss it one single bit!!!!!!

  7. Would it surprise ANYONE if we all find out that fb has been receiving russian laundered money?? Not at all. Delete fb!

    1. I don’t think there is a conspiracy for Zuckerberg to help Trump, not that you said that. I think it is as simple as Zuckerberg will do whatever he can to grow his business.

    2. Zucked is a very informative book about FB after reading it you will never use it again.

  8. Just close your Facebook account.
    If they lose millions of accounts they may decide to change.
    You have to hit them in their wallet.

    1. Facebook is spying on you, as you agreed to in their terms and conditions, your information is sold to the highest bidder. It can affect your future as a young person just by posting something left of centre as a joke when you might not have meant it. YOUNG PEOPLE KEEP AWAY FROM FACEBOOK. THEY WILL BECOME YOUR CV PRODUCER OF THE NEW CENTURY!!!! DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW AS EMPLOYERS ARE NOW USING FACEBOOK TO PROFILE YOU FOR JOBS YOU APPLY FOR. NUFF SAID.

    2. Well put Mr. Fruitjuice.. Sadly the majority of the people using it see the same threat from fb, that they see from COVID, “Won’t effect me”

  9. Facebook is unhealthy in a multitude of ways. It has ruined lives, marriages, employment, friendship… The list goes on and on.

    1. @Ken Albertsen I appreciate your perspective. I honestly don’t disagree either. I think for me there is something really unsavory about Facebook. For me it carries the same connotations as the Reality TV shows where people are yelling and throwing tantrums

    2. hoggie log I only know for sure, based on my direct experience, that hostile foreign powers interfered in the 2016 election using trolls and bots to infiltrate Facebook groups and spread lies and propaganda. It DEFINITELY had an effect. That alone damns FB because they are allowing it to happen again.

    3. @Jay P I am glad that it is a useful tool for you. Sounds like you have a great family. I don’t doubt that it has some usefulness. Heck in some instances it may have literally saved lives. My contention is that it’s cumulative effect is that it is a drag on society as a whole.

    4. hoggie log Yes, it’s a lottery. But we aware this is happening more and more and is tainting even the elections of this country that use to be the beacon of justice and decency just 4 years ago

    1. Why? If you don’t agree with it censor it? No one should be censored. Its not what Americans are supposed to believe in.

  10. Facebook – created by a white guy to rate college females. Just don’t forget that one fact.

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