NAACP Urges DOJ To Investigate ‘Outrageous’ TX Dem Arrest Warrants 1

NAACP Urges DOJ To Investigate ‘Outrageous’ TX Dem Arrest Warrants


NAACP President Derrick Johnson says the Texas GOP issuing arrest warrants to force the Texas Democrats back into the chamber to pass the anti-voting bill they’ve blocked is “a form of intimidation” and that’s why his organization is asking the Justice Department to investigate if the warrants are legal.
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    1. @Janice Childress the president picks his cabinet and the senate approves the positions. This is basic parliamentary procedure.

      Republicans are only pushing for integrity in our elections. If we are going to be forced to vote for this banker owned elitist or that banker owned elitist we should at least have a fair and honest vote.

      Pushing a system where there is no checks on the elections is what brings about a dictator. Hitler appointed himself and the the government gave him limitless power. Same with Mussolini. Both placed in power by a very vocal very ambitious minority. If we let the federal government take control of elections it’s gonna be really easy for the lying media to choose our presidents forever.

    2. @Janice Childress make sure you alert us of the ballot harvesting, recounting votes that were already cpunted, preventing overseers from getting close enough to conform counts, locking them out of buildings, or covering the Windows with cardboard, trucks and vans delivering tote gulls of ballots after pools are closed, but are counted anyway. Ok???

    3. @Darkpassenger2012 Under OUR/American Constitution it is Congressional responsibility to over see states. SHALL, article V, VII? You wouldn’t believe what is in the fine print of these nine states voting procedures. If you temp as an election worker you can become a felon with $20-35,000 fine with 18month to 2 years, for clerical errors. In Texas untrained, partisan Poll Observers can romp anywhere in voting location and hover over you while casting ballot, goes on. GA, FL and others have their own ideas. Feds need guidelines, campaign finance and gerrymandering needs to be addressed also. Bottom line, a litigation sh*t show has emerged from one sociopath and GOP has bet the casino on him. Remember he bancrupted NJ casino. Will Scotland take him, oops he’s in teouble there too!

    4. Lying media isn’t that powerful when regulations hold NEWS as news and not Entertainment
      Safeguard, an educated and informed electorate. Multiple reliable sources a must. Doesn’t matter if one leans progressive or conservative, but we must be debating the same basic facts or science… Proven.

    1. Well they could start with the arrest of Hunter Biden. But Dems don’t have to follow the law. We all know that.

    2. @Alex Wynters 💩💩🤡🤡🤡
      You ALL Need to be rounded up so we can End YOUR crisis…For Good 🔥🔥🔥

    1. @Nicholas Cooper If a Civil war, multiple amendments, Civil rights, the Great Society program MLK Jr supported, Affirmative Action, and the First black president can’t fix the problem then it is time to end the diaspora. There is zero evidence that the white race can ever make up for slavery and at this point we should stop trying it’s been almost 200 years of trying to fix this relationship. Most of our ancestors never got the benefit of slavery and were in fact being screwed over by it the same as illegal immigration screws us now.

      As far as ending racism you also cannot end something by allowing the weaker race to be racist themselves. That’s not unique to black groups but as a whole just one of the many failures of modern liberal democracy. Moreover there is now zero evidence anyone wants to actually live with white people from the other races so ending the diaspora is the more sane conclusion.

  1. They were elected to do a job, which they are not doing. How long can they continue until this becomes job abandonment ?

    1. @Ρrσηατσr тεηδση And it wasn’t the Democrats that did that for them.
      These Legislators are not representing the people the elected if they run away. To represent them they would have to stay and fight. But this isn’t the first time in history that Dems have done this. Cowards all.

    2. @Ρrσηατσr тεηδση Standing up requires them to vote. Running away shows that they may actually support the bills but are afraid to vote how they really feel.

    3. @brysonsocall123 I have relatives that live in Texas and they think it is childish. And yes, it is the law that they can be “arrested” and hauled into chambers. Jury nullification doesn’t apply as they are not charged with a crime.

    4. @Ρrσηατσr тεηδση bs all they have too do is vote “no”” or “yes”, if they don’t get their way too bad and if there no vote rules then to bad. They are stopping laws from being made, it’s their job to work in the process.

    1. @matthew watson the red states will cease flow of natural resources to the blue states then. We’ll see how quickly that statement changes from “handouts” to trade.

    2. @Yuck Footoob this is what these blue states don’t understand. Their way of life is powered almost exclusively through trade, the trade of other, red, states.
      If they no longer have any access to them, their economy will utterly collapse.

  2. It’s called a LAW, A Texas law, that the fed has ZERO control over. I know, Democrats don’t know what real laws are and don’t feel they have to follow them, while demanding we do.

  3. Sooooo, it wasn’t OUTRAGEOUS when the dems got on a plane and split the state to avoid voting on a bill!? No, you cheered that one, didn’t you?

  4. Ha! All they care about is their personal power and making sure the payoffs continue to flow into their pockets.

  5. I always imagined America would fall as a result of a war. Never thought our enemies would capture our country through the media and Hollywood.

    1. And yet sooooo many of those complaining about media and hollywood still can’t go without their super-heros or star wars.

    2. @Peter Belanger Yeah we walked away from most of that crap it’s hard to enjoy anything that hates you openly so much

    3. Hopefully people are waking up to this cultural Marxism and will start pushing back. The woke-tards are doing everything possible to instigate a race war.

  6. The most racist groups, the media and naacp calling for the DOJ ( a compromised FED law enforcement agency) to investigate racism! This is a Horror Comedy!

  7. They ran away and deserted the positions they fought for. They need to held accountable. Maybe being arrested is too excessive maybe it’s not let it play out in the court of law.

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