NAACPLDF Lawyer On GOP Voter Suppression Bills: ‘Racism Is A Shape Shifter’ 1

NAACPLDF Lawyer On GOP Voter Suppression Bills: ‘Racism Is A Shape Shifter’


Janai Nelson, Associate Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, says GOP restrictive laws that suppress voting and undermine democracy are designed to maintain “power that’s centered on white supremacy.” Ari Berman describes the “nightmare scenario” in which GOP efforts to empower states to overturn elections they lost means the will of the people “becomes completely meaningless.”
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    1. @Tom Jenkins any adult with a normal functioning brain can see the direct correlation between Republicans losing the presidency and the senate with the topic being discussed in this video.

    1. Soon God will crush all wickedness out of the earth by his selected king Jesus Christ and will rule for all eternity no more wicked human rule oh how wonderful a perfect rulership under God arrangements.

    2. You see how MSNBC will not talk about Hunter Biden using the n-word multiple times let’s talk about who’s racist

  1. Yes! Voter ID is a must. Changing the forms of acceptable ID, 60 days prior to the election, is voter restriction. Disallowing a citizen the eight to vote, because their valid ID shows the name is John H. Holmes; however the voter’s registration card shows John H. Homes (all other information identical), is voter suppression. Shutting down polling stations at 1800, stopping Sunday Voting, purging rolls of registered voters, requiring those who vote by mail to put their dates of birth, last four numbers on the outside of a mailing envelope IS ABSOLUTELY VOTER SUPPRESSION by way of ID.

  2. The most shocking aspect in all of these is the apparent thought and coordination that went into these voter suppression laws. Reminds me of how Steve Bannon put together the White Nationalists agenda for the radicalization of Trumpism to takeover of this country at the beginning of the Trump administration. Bannon is working with him again.

    1. They’re coordinated by right wing think tanks who write the legislation for them. A conservative politician’s job boils down to campaigning and showing up for the occasional vote. Nice work ifyou can get it, and are willing to sell your soul.

  3. Wasn’t slavery over 400 years ago and the holocaust was less than 100 years…. How about we focus on the more recent history and stop living in the past. This interview is a joke haha

    1. Oops that is what was being told to MLK before the Selma-Montgomery march. Frederick Douglass was told by GOP Rutherford Hayes in 1877, that the end of reconstruction was no big deal. See only clueless peoples (mostly whites) like u use that easily debunked argument.

  4. Why won’t MSNBC let you guys talk about Hunter Biden using the n-word let’s talk about who’s racist

  5. “Race-baiting is fun and profitable. I’ve made a nice career out of it. And I didn’t have Tawana Brawley helping me get started, either.”
    – Janai “Sharpton” Nelson

  6. ”Without reforms, future criminals could exploit the powers of the presidency to even more dangerous ends” – The Boston Globe

  7. HR1 is 791 pages long. I ASSURE YOU that precisely ZERO democrat legislators have read the whole thing. YOU haven’t read the whole thing. The media personalities convincing you that it’s a good bill and to oppose any BIT of it is Jim Crow 2.0… THEY haven’t read it either. Listen… this bill is fraught with problems!

    there are SO many reasons to be against the so called “for the people act”. HERE IS JUST ONE: S1 would FORCE all states to allow anyone to vote who simply signs a form saying that they are who they claim they are. When combined with the mandate that states implement same-day voter registration, it means I could walk into any polling place on Election Day, register under the name John Smith, sign a form claiming I really am John Smith, cast a ballot, and walk out. Not only would election officials have no way of preventing that or verifying that I am not really John Smith, I could repeat this in as many polling places as I can get to. 

    So… no. Voter ID is common sense to everyone except those who seek to game the system. Manchin gets it. So do other democrats, but THEY ARE looking to game the system.


  9. Always remember to thank the “no lesser of two evils” people from 2016. If there was no Big Liar there would have be no Big Lie and no Big Lie voter suppression laws.

  10. I fully support non violent racism. Who wants to have a country that resembles any country in Africa?

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