NACI recommends mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines 1

NACI recommends mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines


Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has changed its guidelines to allow for mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines.

Federal health officials announced the updated guidance during a press briefing on Tuesday, with NACI recommending that a first dose of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine can safely be combined with a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shots "unless contraindicated."

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    1. Don’t forget the public health “experts” and especially the “journalists” who have done more than any other group to fan the flames of panic and hysteria about the virus.

    1. Might as well get a bottle of vodka and some horse tranquilizers and really spice it up

    2. It’s only an experiment if you have a control so you can learn something. This is just random decisions with no logic behind it whatsoever. But it’s amazing that Canadians are so brainwashed that they’ll do anything asked to get their lives back.

  1. I have lost what little trust and respect I had for these evil politicians and so called ‘medical’ bureaucrats.

    1. @Edmund Kemper sure he did.. thats why biden is so popular he has a permanent deployment of troops in DC.. thats the kind of move a legitimate leader would have to pull right? xD

  2. Don’t you all love taking health advice from someone who looks like they’ve been dead for a week?

    1. What makes you think they don’t?
      Already have pig, other animals and aborted human fetus…

    1. I would recommend avoiding these EXPERIMENTAL GENE JABS altogether – they tell you right up front that they do NOT stop the transmission of cocid.

  3. I’ve just got a wonderful idea for TAM-pawn;s mug: To scare away my mice problem, coz if it does’nt work, nothing else will.

  4. His French language skills are deplorable. Hopefully his command of this tire fire is better. I have more to criticize but that would be piling on. Don’t need a suspension from the NHL. How’s that for mixing and matching. I’m sooo confused.

  5. Dr Tam- was mixing and matching vaccines previously tested on humans in early trial phases?

  6. Trudeau didn’t want to be involved in warpspeed or make them here when he had ample time to do it now he’s just cutting corners and making excuses big coincidence I’m sure.

  7. These experts are telling mixed vaccines are ok, exparied are also ok…are you still want this experimental treatment to get in your body?

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