Nadler Pushes Sweeping Police Reform While Slamming ‘Totally Lawless’ Trump AG Bill Barr | MSNBC


  1. Trump calling  himself the “law & order president” is laughable at best, especially when you consider the fact that Trump has been engaged in multiple illegal activities his entire adult life. Trump has been laundering money with the Russians since the late 80s. This was proved when the Trump Taj Mahal was fined $10 million—the highest penalty ever levied by the feds against a casino—and admitted to having “willfully violated” anti-money-laundering regulations for years. Trump’s casino had broken anti-money laundering rules 106 times in its FIRST year and a half of operation in the early 1990s, according to the IRS in a 1998 settlement agreement. This information is all a matter of public record today.

    If Trump truly cared about justice, he would turn himself into the SDNY, and admit to running a CCE, a Continuing Criminal Enterprise for more than 30 years. Because that’s essentially what the Trump organization has been about from the very beginning. He has now added the White House to his criminal organization.

    1. @BREAKING NEWS just like Trump’s corruption, lies, and failures are! See how well your projections work! Not at all! Try again but this time don’t be so stupid!

  2. Oh the irony of the American people wanting law and order, while the actual president and his AG are the most corrupt people in DC.

    1. @Benjamin Levine By the way, how’s that “lock her up” thing coming along?? 🤔😄😅😂🤣😄😅😂🤣

    1. @Phill Davis and your TDF is showing bigley too! Trump Derangement Followers! LMFAO at your Trumpian stupidity!

    2. @William H Music 2020 And you’re point is??? All the while trump says him and Kim Jong Un are in love, he writes him very beautiful love letters.

    3. @Benjamin Levine not so this IS fake news nice try deflecting but it’s not working! Try again but this time try not to be so stupid!

    1. @Coco Crisp Democrats along with corrupt media are helping China and Russia more by supporting all the social unrest in the country

    2. @Whicker Boy they know that they will get beaten up if they open their mouths and complain. There seems to be a level of disgust by officers when blacks talk. They have a right to complain about the treatment they get.

    3. Republicans believe THEY are fighting for America,
      JUST AS MUCH as the Democrats believe THEY are fighting for – ‘ America ‘.
      When the sides POLARIZE on the most ARMED POPULATION on planet Earth.
      The slaughter will be horrendous and unstoppable.

      2 Black men found hanging from trees within days and miles of each other.

      The world is about to see where addiction to guns / bombs / military / religion …. leads a country.
      Yet …. again.
      Rinse and repeat.

      Gods, guns and goon mentality. What could *possibly/*? – go wrong …. ?
      Good luck America – you are going to need it

    4. @Dennis O’Brien did you know that your Russian president calls Putin weekly for advice ?
      Did you know that your Russian president called Putin the day before he gassed real Americans in DC ?

  3. Three things Trump can not say…
    I was wrong.
    I am sorry.
    Black Lives Matter. (Goes against his base)

    1. @Kevin Eagan sir, a lot of property destruction and violence has been done on our society and for what?no one likes the police! Where is your outrage over the high African American on African American murder in Chicago and Baltimore? This is a scam

    2. He should NEVER say Black Lives Matter, it is a divisive racist organization, a Marxist wing of the Dems.

  4. If you can’t teach Police & Officials morals. If you can’t get them to obey the law. TAKE THEIR MONEY! Checkmate!

    1. Robert Piatt Brilliant . Uncontrolled gun access and the war on drugs are the two drivers of murderous policing. Both offer easy fixes.

    2. @Robert Piatt Look at how the New Zealand prime minister and handled it. They had an incident, before you know it guns abolished. We need to end this ridiculous drug war. There’s still people being arrested in America for marijuana.

    3. @Robert Piatt Look at how the New Zealand prime minister and handled it. They had an incident, before you know it guns abolished. We need to end this ridiculous drug war. There’s still people being arrested in America for marijuana.

    4. I think the wacko contingent is fairly low. Remove the war on drugs and their posture is completely out of line.

  5. The government is broke, the entire criminal justice system is broke. The work force is broken, health care is broke. The only ones that prosperous is the rich an the rest are SLAVES TO THE SYSTEM. If “we the people” don’t stand up an over throw our government, then nothing is gonna change. ✌️

    1. Yes, it will change if we do nothing. We will become a Plutocracy. We are technically considered a Civil Oligarchy now. We will lose our rights and the separation of Church and State will end.

  6. I like what Camden, NJ did in 2012. They fired the whole Police Force and rehired in a purposeful planned manner focusing on partnering and helpfulness to the Public. That should be a model across the Nation.

    1. Hamlin is a perfect case study. They were considered murder capital a few times. There has been a big change in that City

  7. Jerry Nadler: “I never expect anything worthwhile from him (Trump)”. Well said, there is never anything worth while from Trump, the Divider and Destroyer-in-Chief. Barr is a criminal, the head of the D.O.J. is lawless.

    1. @Benjamin Levine did he let 100,000 people die? Did he lose 40,000,000 jobs? Did he sexually assault a woman? Etcetc let me know when you can tell me why he was a bad president.

    1. I thank you about 100% wrong the. Democrats are the ones that won’t do any thing to help all the Democrats. are for Power

    2. @Larry Garland troll. Try saying something intelligent for a change. You comment on almost everything but have nothing to say. Fool

  8. I call for the resignation of Trump. The Naked Emperor must not be permitted to continue his deadly games for another 6 months.

  9. Hit the corruptards where it hurts, their pockets because vilifying their character doesn’t affect them.

  10. Correction, The irony of the Republican people wanting law and order, while the WH President and AG are the most corrupt dorks in our USA

  11. Defund William Barr!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Democrats finally thinking like Republicans!! Hit them in the wallet!

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