Nancy Pelosi Assures January 6 Select Committee Will 'Seek The Truth' 1

Nancy Pelosi Assures January 6 Select Committee Will ‘Seek The Truth’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed her decision to reject two Republicans recommended for the January 6 select committee and assured the bipartisan group was investigating to "get the truth, not to get Trump."

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Nancy Pelosi Assures January 6 Select Committee Will 'Seek The Truth'


  1. For the sake of future generations in the United States of America – thank you Ms Speaker Pelosi for your relentless fight for America.

    1. @Z Ham Because the D.C. National Guard is under the sole and exclusive control of the President of the United States. Learn the law/constitution – it might prevent you from asking stupid questions.

    2. @James Kennedy think again, there’s no more shrugging any way dems will handle this well.

    3. Relentless is definitely a word synonymous with Pelosi! This woman has made history over and over again and will continue to do so!

    1. @Tessmage Tessera but they need to blame antifa, or the media, or the FBI, or the lizard people, or maybe it wa just tourists. Yeah, we all know it was trump supporters, now we just need to know exactly who did what so they could face justice

    1. @Ellen Youngblood changed your response pretty quick. Trump won and the World knows it. A day of reckoning is coming

    2. @Bill Hicks The United States is a Republic. That’s why the federal government can’t mandate anything. Unless approved by the states.
      You’re right that local is Democratic. I agree with that. But the country as a whole is a Republic.

    3. @Gregory Powell no it’s not. For instance North Korea and the Soviet Union can be considered republics. No-one has ever gone to war in the name of republicanism. The United States is a democratic republic and since republic used after democratic is redundant we say Democracy.

      The only reason this is an issue is pedantic Republicans who don’t like that we live in a democracy and have a party called Democrats. It’s the dumbest most childish argument I’ve ever seen.

    1. @Trip Smith Oh really? So when this hag has no issue with Obama dropping bombs or trading terrorist , then regardless of what trump does LEGALLY, its some chaotic event, and now this? Yeah. It’s a shame that Seals on the left are so easily trained.

    2. @Wisconsin Man calling people names doesn’t change anything. Again, you’re arguing that apples are oranges and oranges are apples. Never going to win that argument. Try again

    3. @Cody they are and alot of the perps are right wing extremists. That’s why you haven’t heard much from right wing media about it.

  2. The Republican had they chance to be equal in a commission for January 6 th insurrection and they made the choose not to participate… the phrase is ‘ setting themselves up for failure ….

    1. Did you see kev mcCocky’s face when he said, he is going to create his own commission. He looks like he is about to vomit on his shoes. LMFAO. The last 4 years, Qpublicans had BIG talks about “investigation on top Democrats,” what happened??? NOTHING burger!

    2. The only time Republicans are not shooting themselves in the foot is when they are reloading.

    3. Thirty five Republican Representative voted for the commission. Any of those Republicans, who wanted to discover what led to this disaster, would be good committee members. The rest are not.

    1. @Common Sense even if all of that were true, at least he doesn’t think that George Washington’s Army took back the AIRPORTS from the British during the Revolutionary War!

    2. @Common Sense What was Trump’s excuse for constantly mangling his speeches on teleprompters or anywhere else for that matter?

    3. Whereas Donald did so well in school that he literally sued them to keep his grades secret

    1. They all wheather became LIARS as their current leader himself one is, or they’ve always been liars and just gotten the chance to show the American people who they REALLY ARE and always have been. Period.

  3. We obviously can’t put insurrection deniers in charge of what may be investigating themselves.

    1. @Lori A Putting “Gym” Jordan in charge of the committee to investigate the Jan 6 insurrection is the equivalent of asking a bank robber if they saw who robbed the bank.

      Jordan promoting the Big Lie is the reason he cant be on the committee.

      I suggest you pick up a book, and look into what the American right to Liberty really means. You clearly know nothing.

    2. @Lori A No, actually he or she described Gymnasium Jordan. Show me a video or article with Pelosi promoting that the election was stolen from Trump.

    1. Why put down women to denigrate men, especially when women are already called “Karen”? Kevin is a “Ken.”

  4. Who would have ever thought that the same guy who admitted the Benghazi commission was created to hurt the Democratic presidential nominee would act in bad faith when it comes to creating a commission investigating actions by that nominee’s opponent?

    The answer is everyone.

  5. Can’t wait to see how McCarthy will try to explain away his comments that Trump was responsible for the insurrection,

    1. @John Gailey And while they are at it, the committee should also call Mitch McConnell to explain his statements that Trump should be held accountable for inciting the insurrection.

    1. @Exposing the Lies You guys keep getting more desperate by the minute. If you cared about actual crimes, you wouldn’t try to cover for Trump.

    2. @Exposing the Lies , That would be a waste of time. People aren’t interested in being distracted from what’s important.

  6. The people that spoke at the rally called by tRump were the main insiders! Giuliani was so hopped up that he even asked for” trial by Combat “!

    1. @D Fran I totally agree. As should the rest of the bunch. MO Brooks said time for armed combat and tRump should have been too. That ba****d should have been locked up from the start IMHO.

    2. @D Fran Stop your messing around;
      Better think of your future,
      Time to straighten right out,
      Creating problems in town.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you.
      Stop your fooling around,
      Time to straighten right out.
      Better think of your future
      Else you’ll wind up in jail.
      A message to you you, Rudy,
      A message to you.
      Stop your messing around,
      Better think of your future.
      Time to straighten right out,
      Creating problems in town.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.
      A message to you, Rudy.

    3. @D Fran you can thank The Specials for that, actually it was a cover of some reggae song from the 60s. But The Specials popularized it

  7. That “the other side” alleges that it was a tour is such a blatant lie, and must be designated a dangerous lie which can be persecuted for insurrection-purpose.

  8. We know who doesnt want the truth out there.
    They keep obstructing the facts from being revealed.

    1. @Keat W Not if one party has any say in it.
      Because it will mean the entire thing isnt being investigated.

    2. @Keat W no they will blame someone else for that just like they blame everyone else for all the crap they do

  9. I don’t understand what we need an investigation for. Don’t we already have all the proof we need? Why is Donald Trump still a free man?

    1. Lovivre Laverdure.Personally, I agree, but there has to be a process that enters the facts into the official record for historical posterity, also to help squelch the inevitable Republican ”no due process” accusations.

    2. @Marie Smith the GOP doesn’t wait for due process, they just shove things through like AH’s. I’m getting tired of the good guys being pushovers. This isn’t OK. No one is supposed to be above the law in this country, but everyday we get proof of the exact opposite. I need to find a way to be more chill about it or imma grow an ulcer.

  10. It seems the goal of the GQP CULT 45 is to end the United States…..This cannot be allowed any further.

    1. Jesus. This is PART of it. Don’t forget DOD Chris Miller and his stable of UNCONFIRMED Last Minute Lackeys.

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