Nancy Pelosi: Barr has gone rogue, and has for a long time

Nancy Pelosi: Barr has gone rogue, and has for a long time 1


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Attorney General William Barr has "gone rogue," citing the Justice Department's handling of the Ukraine scandal, adding that House Democrats will not rush their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. #CNN #News

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  1. Michael Cohen is scrawling on a cell wall somewhere, “I told you so”…… with a sharpie. 😎

    • @Christo Johnson hey bot boy… you need to learn better English if you’re going to try to be an efficient troll and make those rubles!

    • Christo Johnson | September 27, 2019 at 9:37 PM | Reply

      @Amber I’m not a bot. i purposely didn’t care to recheck what i wrote because i was texting and driving. You prolly also think my commander and chief is the most innocent person ever right? I just got back from deployment 3 months ago.. keep calling me a damn bot, obviously if y’all drinking the commander koolaid, i dnt see how y’all can tell the bots from the real comments. I’m in the military whether i like him or not he’s my commander and chief, does not mean i have to agree..when you getting shot at and shooting ppl, then come home and start keeping up with the news, you have to wonder if you’re seeing something different from everyone else. How can so much ppl be sheep, wrong is wrong, on both sides. You can’t have us fighting for this country, fighting terrorism and back at home we becoming the 1 thing we were taught to fear. We fight for other countries election and democracy but we dnt practice what we preach? if you think that’s ok then I’m a damn bot Amber. I hope you’re on the frontlines getting shot at for what starting to look like a damn lie these days… i fight for this country , not egotistical men playing war provocative games.

    • Valerie Texan morons. Lol I can tell with your 3rd grader name calling your a reel deep thinker.The big difference between your mental giant Biden and trump is trump’s son didn’t make millions from Ukraine.Our problems could be solved if you would play words on a record player for your kids at night…lol. Biden quote

    • I am good with any and all investigations as long as the law is applied fairly across both parties and ALL candidates Trump Biden Harris warren Beto etc. so that means we go back to the beginning of their birth and completely investigate any and everything about each candidate. It will be interesting to see who is still standing afterwards. I am betting NONE of the candidates will make it. As a matter of fact let’s do that for all senate congressional and governor races

  2. Sebastian Elytron | September 27, 2019 at 2:33 PM | Reply

    Something oddly satisfying about a *woman* bringing Trump down😂🤣

  3. The people are so fed up with all this Trump corruption.

  4. So if states refuse to pay taxes there is nothing they can do?


    • CAROLE LA POINTE | September 28, 2019 at 12:50 AM | Reply

      What can the Federal Government do if the states refuse to pay taxes? What does the Federal Government do when citizens don’t pay taxes? Answer: the Federal Government confiscates assets, either presently owned assets or assets to be earned in the future.

    • Nomore Illegals please | September 28, 2019 at 4:51 AM | Reply

      Useless to America. Wasted resources you consume. Too stupid to think like a team player except for the enemy.

  5. 445 compared a whistleblower with a spy in old day( WWII), it seems a whistleblower need a government protection, he meant it

  6. So, it means, Snowden is innocent

  7. Billy “No Fridge is too far” Barr and all the other Trump henchman from his administration will get theirs in the end. Time for these weak fools to lawyer up and throw the Orange menace under the bus.

    • “No Fridge is too far”. Nice.

    • I got $1000 that says that never happens.  Message me.  We can paypal the money.

    • J. Gamble if you have a 1000 bucks to lose and are a real patriot take that money send it to pay down the deficit that the extreme idiot has double since being in office. Were you part of that bunch of hypocrites called the tea party during the Obama administration so so concerned with the spending?

  8. I think the police needs to ask trump ( Are you planning to commit Murder ? ).

  9. Barr needs to be removed for ethics violations!!!!!!!! Traitor!!!!!!

  10. William Barr too should be put behind bars. Period.

  11. Make them rubles Russian trolls

  12. AG William Barr, callsign Rogue 1600.🤣

  13. Barr had something to do with the rapest case whom hung himself in jail , now this whistle blower must watch cause barr will be involved, …..

  14. He is hiding once again lol now that’s a coverup

    • He is in planned all day negations moron… but wait for the investigation that unfolds… this was how the administration planned to open the door to investigate Democrat corrution and fraud. this is going to be amazing!

      biden, obama, peloci, schumer, nadler… they all just walked into a investigation for their and their family income with Trump’s move to show the world what the previous administrations did and how they defraud America……. Womp… Womp…

    • methinks you should COVER UP
      dat grille

    • deltaplanemech – Yeah, well, OK.

  15. Time to disbar Barr.

  16. What in the old days did we to those in the military and government who go rogue ?

  17. It’s curious that there has been no formal statement from the WH

    • Matthew McDermit | September 28, 2019 at 8:54 AM | Reply

      @Jesse, and Republicans have already failed as citizens of this country. You support a corrupt man who solicited the help of Russia — an enemy of this nation and the west. You support a criminal who attempted to extort a nation for the purpose of undermining our election process — again. You support someone who does not respect the rule of law, a free press, nor the other co-equal branches of government. Remove the flag from your profile. It is offensive. I served five tours for this nation and earned three bronze stars. My family has served in every major conflict dating back to the Revolutionary War. People fought and died for what we have, and now we have a bunch of deluded cultists willing to throw it all away to an aspiring dictator. Seriously, remove the flag from your profile. You are a traitor to this nation.

    • William Barr is going to gut you Traitors. P-A-I-N.

    • Judy Atkinson that’s because the last time there was dirty trump incriminated himself.

    • I’ve always wondered why Democrats are so racist.

    • Matthew McDermit | September 28, 2019 at 11:21 AM | Reply

      @Christian Gonzalez Lopez, oh, as that so? . . . . Share the link to what was said.

  18. Pompeo has also.gone rouge…he’s up to his this mess too! They will start taking each other down, watch!

    America is a GOP run banana republic now

  20. I thought they just came back from a 2 month recess…

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