Nancy Pelosi Clears Way For Trump’s Impeachment Trial To Begin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi Clears Way For Trump’s Impeachment Trial To Begin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Justo FNG …. No you are wrong. The military must follow orders through the superior officers down the chain of command from the commander and chief only on orders that do not go against the Constitution of America HOWEVER it does not mean any Military Servicemen or servicewoman is in favor of trump as proven in the most recent Military polls. Orders & favors is two different things all together. For the most part however based on duties are kept bi partisan .

    2. @Florida Crypto R you really have no idea what you are saying, but go on making yourself look stupid.

    3. @johnny whatthefuck ….. Obviously I do know but I will sit back and watch you look stupid. Laughter is good for the soul. Happy New year however regardless.

    4. @The Rockazoid Whatever the President deems necessary. Congress can’t take his use of the Marine Corps away. In fact if necessary I would even Re-enlist if he asked me too and I’m 45.

  1. K̸͟͞y̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ D̸͟͞a̸͟͞v̸͟͞i̸͟͞d̸͟͞ R̸͟͞u̸͟͞r̸͟͞e̸͟͞y̸͟͞ says:

    Pelosi looks like she should have died 10 years ago, but the reaper said “No thanks”.

    1. K̸͟͞y̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ D̸͟͞a̸͟͞v̸͟͞i̸͟͞d̸͟͞ R̸͟͞u̸͟͞r̸͟͞e̸͟͞y̸͟͞ says:

      @B D Sure thing “Life long guard dog and physical lover” of Pelosi. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings lil guy, my bad. 😥

    2. @K̸͟͞y̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ D̸͟͞a̸͟͞v̸͟͞i̸͟͞d̸͟͞ R̸͟͞u̸͟͞r̸͟͞e̸͟͞y̸͟͞ kylhas his right to opinion.
      He feels like that about all old ladies.
      His grandmother burried in his back yard.
      To save money and time

    3. @K̸͟͞y̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ D̸͟͞a̸͟͞v̸͟͞i̸͟͞d̸͟͞ R̸͟͞u̸͟͞r̸͟͞e̸͟͞y̸͟͞ south park🙃don’t feel bad I also didn’t understand your “quote” ..


    1. Regarding impeachment:
      Do you believe Burisma, the oil and gas company that Hunter Biden sits on the board of making 83,000/ month should be investigated?
      If not, why not?
      Every witness testified they found this situation unusual and suspicious.
      Why did Joe Biden threaten to withhold 1 billion of taxpayers money unless a Ukrainian investigator Shokin was fired?
      Medical records now show Shokin was poisoned, died on the operating table and was revived twice days after the investigation was halted.
      The Ukraine has now investigated Burisma with tax evasion, money laundering and fraud charges pending.
      Do you believe that Trump should have been investigated?
      The democrats told you there was proof positive and you believed that?
      So why the hypocrisy on Burisma?
      Shokin was investigating Burisma, not Biden.
      Why was Hunter Biden hired by Burisma to do nothing.
      Summer work experience?
      How about ensuring Joe would step in to shut down any future investigation against Burisma?
      Seems to have paid off.
      Well, Pelosi also has a son, Paul who sits on the board of another oil company.
      The holding company that accepted payment from Burisma to Hunter Biden is run by John Kerry.
      Is there a picture shaping up.
      But Trump should be impeached for suspecting all this.
      I would suggest rather than getting into a psychological he said/ she said you look at basic elements of why democrats are wasting everyones time.

    2. Johnny T What is even harder to understand is how anyone with even a modicum of common sense and the ability to reason for themselves could listen to what comes out of his mouth and think, “yeah this is the guy who should be leading our country.”

  3. I had to come over to MSNBC to get my news now that Nick Sandman and Covington Catholic High School owns CNN…

    1. What kept getting blocked from posting (3xs) and one time actually pulled off after it posted was in regard to the media wont report that the jet was not only in _r_ n, but just few feet in air at their own airport.. (being vague here so this shows up)
      Amazing what is spiked by news gets blocked here huh?
      “Facts” are hate speech I guess

    2. @Stacy Gagnon If you are in school and the bullies go after you or a friend you ATTACK. Why? Because they are afraid of something and you expose that something. Tried and true Miss / Mrs. / Ms.

    1. Bruce strkland commonly people are evacuated when they need to leave. Commonly people evacuate when they need to s@#t. PS: Dems are Ayatollah puppets

    1. @Christina Denham just me.??…if you want to have a serious here…….seen the rallies lately..??……you still havnt named a candidate.who should i be supporting……?? willing to listen….??…..self-righteous hatred wont sway any votes your way. jus sayin.

    2. @Christina Denham nor will labeling fellow americans who have a diff political opinion..”russian”..or “racist”..or ignorant”…..try something at least a little real……like i said, bigotry wont cut it.

    3. @Christina Denham i married a gal from mex TWENTY SEVEN years ago…adult biracial kids(i guess)…we all have a degree of some more diverse than you or your parents will ever be….ewe dont know anything about me…..just self-righteous hatred.

    1. @Constituent A… Ummm NO!!!… There’s been NO DAYS OF GIFTS from this “Fright House” Administration!!!😒… I imagine It’s a partial list of … “Trumps and His Completely Confused and Clueless FH Administrations BS Conflicting, Supposed and Obviously Non-Existent… “IMMINENT THREAT’S” they’ve come up with so far!!??😒…

      But Hey, give them a few more days… I’m sure they can come up with 2 more to equal 12!!??😒… That is if they ever figure out that they should probably sit down and get their LAME BS Story straight, Instead of running around flinging Flagrant LIES Everywhere!!!???😝😜😣😒😡… UUUGGGHHH!!!😣😒


    2. @Constituent A 12 crimes committed
      11 trump cabinet members quitting
      10 trillion in added debt
      …ok I’m bored. You guys finish. Lol.

  4. Lindsey Graham Clinton Impeachment: “How can you have a trial without witnesses???”

    Lindsey Graham Trump Impeachment: “Were not calling any witnesses.”

    So much for fair due process…

    1. @K R Incorrect. Trump used executive privilege (as it’s his right) and instead of challenging him in court, the Dems in their infinite wisdom decided to call it obstruction. This is one of the main reasons why this is a sham impeachment. Clinton did the same thing except the courts struck him down. Here the Dems are too scared and cowardly to even go to court.

      “Clinton asserted executive privilege 14 times, some of them not in writing, but in 1998 became the first president since Nixon to have his use of the power struck down in court.
      Clinton sought to invoke executive privilege to bar independent counsel Kenneth Starr from questioning aides, including deputy counsel Bruce R. Lindsey and communications adviser Sidney Blumenthal, in connection with Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
      Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ruled that Starr’s need to collect evidence trumped Clinton’s interest in keeping the conversations confidential, echoing the rationale in U.S. v. Nixon.”

      – The Hill

    2. So you watched the house impeachment proceedings, and you are concerned the senate will not be fair?
      That’s a good one….lol

    1. J&A Burchfield
      …Tell me something I don’t already know..Nobody in the World believes a word,that we americans say anymore!
      To the eyes of the whole planet, we are nothing but a bunch of dictators lovers and stabbers sob’s..

  5. Pompeo: “There was NO DOUBT that there were a series of IMMINENT opinion polls unfavorable to Trump at this time, and we didn’t know exactly where or when,…”

    1. @Kevin McNeil yell, all talk.. our base was almost destroyed, trump says oh we’ll get up the next time,, maybe

  6. GOP DEVILS: “There was an imminent threat to U.S. targets”.
    Reporter: “When and where?”
    GOP DEVILS: “We don’t know”.
    R.I.P. America.

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