Nancy Pelosi Gets Results By Withholding Impeachment Articles | The Last Word | MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi Gets Results By Withholding Impeachment Articles | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. If Rudy is forced to testify in the trial, he would be like Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men.”

    “Rudy…did you aid Trump in bribing Ukraine?!?!”
    Giuliani: “You’re gawd-d@mn right I did!!!!  You messed with the wrong penguin!!!!” 😂 As he’s being dragged out.😄

    1. @James K. Boyle Son, Trump’s own public statements make that 1st part false.
      And it was withholding the aid and why that was the issue. It does not matter that the aid was released (DoD started releasing the aid without telling Trump or OMB after they came to the conclusion that neither Trump nor OMB had the legal authority to order the hold).

    2. @Pogo aid was released and mueller was never fired anf quid pro joe outed himself!

      Trump has right to ask questions.

    3. @James K. Boyle Trump himself stated in multiple public statements that he had fired Mueller.
      I take it that you don’t believe what Trump said?

      Re the Aid.
      The issue is the withholding of the aid.
      That it was released makes no difference as it’s like robbing a bank then returning the money before you exit the bank.
      It’s still bank robbery.

  2. Republicans don’t want witnesses and evidence in the trial because they want to make it as easy as possible for them to acquit Trump of his crimes. Republicans already know that Trump is guilty, but they don’t want to have to deal with the dilemma of exonerating Trump in the face of so much evidence against him.

    1. @Randy Smith almost every president in history sees a record stick market. If you’re not seeing one, it’s because its crashed.
      Black and hispanic unemployment is roughly where it always is…and none of it has anything to do with any legislation that hes put in place so not sure how that’s a gold star for him? You likely dont even know what a 401k is but like to say it because trump keeps touting it.

    2. @Randy Smith there is nothing incredible about your gasoline prices…theyve typically always been stable.

    3. @Randy Smith best economy by which metric? Give me a specific. That’s a broad term…hes not achieved a record growth anywhere, so how is it “the best”, comrade?

    1. Vince Baleto did you come up with that all by yourself ? I bet you and your buddies sit around and see who can fart the loudest , right ?

    2. @John Carter You Traitor Trump Tolls sure like to project your shortcomings onto other people! Get a life outside of worshiping a corrupt moron like Traitor Trump.

  3. They have McConnell all wrong. He’s the opposite of brilliant. He sees he can win and he takes it. He doesn’t try to play 4D chess, he doesn’t worry what people will say is hypocritical, or think about elections. He takes every win he can get when he can get it.

    1. His loaded already but the hog just keeps on taking. Understand poverty this is one reason amo g. Among many. Greedy dirty vacuum like these parasites, termites.

  4. The people have the right to hear from witnesses and if the do not, those Senators in swing States and those that do not give what the majority of the people want, their careers will be on the line meaning the money they are accostumed to providing their own family with, will also be out the door. Those who stood firm with this no witness non sense should be voted out anyhow such as Mitch & Lindsey among a few others. I respect that America needs both parties but they need both parties that support the country through the Constitution only and not just their party or whatever president who is in office.

  5. I wouldnt have minded if she kept the crooks dangling a little longer. The trial will still be rigged and they will try to acquit #Tre45on before the state of the union address so he can gloat with his false and invalid vindication.

    1. You will pay. Taxpayers will foot the bill for the impeachment process. Happy to have access to the view on the hill without having to leave home.

  6. Republicans always talk about 3d chess, but can’t even recognize it when Pelosi rubs it in their faces over, and over again!

    1. +[Dandar Spat]

      If you think the investigations have nothing to show for themselves, then you quite obviously know absolutely nothing about the investigations.

      I would suggest you educate yourself, but Trump *does* likes to say: _”I love the uneducated.”_ so I somehow doubt you’ll do that.

    2. @Ahsim Nreiziev
      If that were true Donald would like Democrats ……. the indoctrinated (uneducated)
      I know you don’t realize it but it is true

  7. Tired of listening to GOP conspiracy fantasies. We need to hear subpoena witnesses and see documents.
    Lying is Washington DC is normal.
    Days of our impeachment continues…🍑

  8. Moscow Mitch, a tactician? He is more like a dirty, corrupt power hog, dishonest conniving a-hole. Those are better descriptions of MM.

    1. Melanie Dawson

      One has to have a conscious in order to feel sorrow.  I don’t think moscow mitch has a conscious.

    1. Buddy have you checked our economy destroyed by Obama and his crew of merry men.At last we have a real President with jobs for everyone who wants one and my 401K is flying @ 17% ,only trailer dwellers and the uneducated of the socialist far left are crying.

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