1. I don’t think she knows what she is talking about.,she all over the place, and she is talking about thing’s that have nothing to do with impeachment.

  2. Imagine being in a crowded theater and Nancy Pelosi actually started yelling “Wolf Wolf”. That’s the first thing that entered my mind when she said that misquote😁

  3. Now the Dems are whining we have to call their witnesses so they could question them. They should have done their own work. Gop doesn’t have to concede anything. Trump didn’t break the law and yuh have a weak case!!!!! What suns and crimes have you done pelosi. Used military planes to fly home from dc each weekend stocked with gray goose I imagine. That’s illegal I’m sure but what do you care? Snout as much as you do for the unborn I imagine. What do you care about integrity, The Constitution or rule of law. You only care about money and power. I imagine the great one is low on your list or you wouldn’t have a personal vendetta against Trump. Health care! You get FREE HEALTH CARE. You have no monetary problems. We are getting g rid of inferior bama care!!!! You are the one who is in greedy !!!! Your days are closing in . You mumble your words and make little sense. What a shame and a tragedy.

  4. OMG, Pelosi is snockered. Listen to those slurred words and the difficult she has getting thoughts out of her mouth. She’s wasted!

  5. everyday new incriminating evidence….i mean information comes forward. 45 seconds in… you lost me there lol. This lady makes America look like idiots, she is a awful speaker and delusional. If you are watching this abroad, please dont think that the majority of us Americans are this incompetent. TY!

  6. what was that at 3:20 again? could you please repeat. Watch her eyes, that was a mini stroke for gods sake, why is she in office??

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