Nancy Pelosi: In Death Of George Floyd, American People ‘Saw An Execution’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi: In Death Of George Floyd, American People ‘Saw An Execution’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


    1. @Yourlife Endsnow That would actually be MONSANTO and NOT HRC. Sorry your wish didn’t come true there.

    2. copy print There are cases where another person gives an innocent person counterfeit money without them knowing. The innocent person then buys items with it and later finds that it is counterfeit. It has happened before so just one bill of counterfeit money is not a crime, what is a crime is having 10 or 20 bills and video of you showing buying goods with an intention to deceive. That in its own doesn’t justify murder. Plus being a heroin or Crack addict or any addiction doesn’t justify death. You must be really out of touch with reality if you believe that. I will stop there and let you think about what you just said.

  1. Charge the four officers with murder, strip their pensions and ban them from working in law enforcement. The president is a racist, his trolls feel empowered. Our tax money is not meant to fund the hiring of racists.

    1. Valentino Smilezz the president calls neo nazis ‘good people’ he’s not exactly helping.

    2. @Claire Obermarck And the other guy thinks he can tell black people whether or not they’re black. And also praises segregationists. And also tried to prevent desegregating school bussing. And also helped to pass the criminal bill which kicked off mass incarceration.

    3. @L Gm The cop should’ve already been arrested and charged but I’m pretty sure that pic of the guy in the Make America White Again hat going around has been debunked. It’s not Derek Chauvin. Unless you’re talking about a different picture?

  2. If this is how the American establishment behaves in broad daylight, with witnesses present and the camera rolling, imagine what went on behind the scenes before the JFK assassination and 9-11.

    1. This was 1-4 cops misbehaving. How do you conflate that with “the American establishment”?

      Also what do JFK and 9/11 have to do with this? Nothing. And sure you can imagine. Imagine anything you like.

    2. Syclone0044 1-4 cops? Are you intentional forgetting the hundreds of wrongful deaths by police officers on black people? Grow up

    3. @Syclone0044
      Attitude brother !!
      This occurs because the “president” is strong with the KKK “Force” in the Police “FORCE” !!!

    4. @Syclone0044 Police guidelines are issued by the establishment. The application of force to the neck via the knee is amongst the recommendations. As for American history, I’m hardly responsible if you haven’t found the evidence needed to unravel some prominent cover-ups conducted by the US government, but that evidence does indeed exist.

    1. Old Skeptic to each his own. Especially coming from a person with a screen name “old skeptic”

    2. Arthur Schnapka he was crying for his mother but his mother is deceased!! I wonder did he feel her spirit???

    1. Oh yes, I knew that b.s. was coming after the Democrat’s Russian Collusion, Ukraine phone call, and their Chinese virus fell flat. Try again there, Mohammed.

    2. @Joe Paleface Democrats supported the slave trade 150 years ago. Germany supported Nazis 80 years ago. Redhats support fascism now. When time travel exists, your point will be valid.
      Biden made a stupid comment. And apologised. Name one thing trump has ever apologised for in his life. One thing. Doesn’t matter how insignificant.

      Not expecting a reply. Just the usual cowardice of Redhats.

    3. @tommi atkins The fascism is with the dems..Obama was Hitler, media was Kerbal,and the SS was the Obama administration including the FBI CIA DOJ IRS…Obama coup is proven to be real..Name one thing Trump did wrong..Biden has been making racial comments his whole life..Go check..It because it’s in his soul..Biden has made up so many falsehoods..Look up Biden and his lies..Its all out for 25 years..Dems still do modern day slavery..Welfare for votes

  3. I am so angry and sad, I cried…I will never forgot how he said: I can’t breathe. RIP George 🙁

    1. Lucius Kiirus he cried out for his deceased mom before he took his last breath, if you didn’t feel for him your not human or your parents never loved you.

    2. @Joshua Demars Feeling emotion is fine, announcing to everyone that you feel emotion is virtue signalling. Stop being aPussy.

  4. Why does this keep going on why ,most of them get off and never go to jail. Get to live on, no kind of justice.


    1. I can rob and burn your business to the ground the next time the police or trump gets me angry, right jimmy?

    2. Someone burning jimmy’s business to the ground because their mad at the police is bad. But jimmy supports burning other peoples businesses to the ground when he’s mad at the police. Why is that jimmy?

    3. @IsThatTrue OrDidYouHearItOnFOX Acknowledgement of truths does not necessarily equal support. I do however support your right to do as you please. I also support the right to bear arms.

    1. White Supremacy says let them go free! Mainly because no one is addressing our WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST problem in America.

  6. One of the first white people who really called it what was without excuses or holding back. MURDER!!!

  7. Those criminal cops need to get their affairs in order. They killed that man in front of the world.

  8. With his dying breath…………he called out for his dead mother. This pain is too much.

  9. How is America the best country when your death has to go viral in order to get justice?
    Sucks to live in a country like that

    1. Who said we’re the best? The morons who watch FOX “News”? The only thing the US is best at is producing weapons.

  10. “What are we going to do about police violence against people of color?” How about holding them accountable, for a change..? That would be a good start.

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