Nancy Pelosi: Parnas Interview Shows Barr Was ‘Implicated’ In Effort To Withhold Ukraine Aid | MSNBC

Nancy Pelosi: Parnas Interview Shows Barr Was 'Implicated' In Effort To Withhold Ukraine Aid | MSNBC 1


    1. There’s a huge reason why old trumpy picked old Willie bar.They are made out of the same dirty crooked material.

  1. Looks like Trump and his crime family finally got Ukraine to do an investigation – they are investing the surveillance of Ambassador Yovanovitch

    1. D Morgan ………….. Oh, irony ! Something about petards and hoists . I’ll be happy with perp walks and scaffolds .

    2. D Morgan  …………………..  Couple of scenarios . If Republicans fear that he is dragging the rest of them to the dock, and his usefulness is over, there will be some ‘unexpected’ medical emergency . Then, subtraction by an Epstein procedure, surgical failure, or 25th Amendment . If they stay tight as a bloc, some lesser fish will be the ‘patsy’ – the fall guy . BTW: one ( at least ) has already been ‘suicided’ : Peter W. Smith . He arranged the Russian troll farm hacking with Michael Flynn being point man for trump in February of 2016 . Dead in May 2017 .

    3. Ambassador Marie Yavonavitch was well respected her job was to ensure those that couldn’t get a Visa because of redtape but had good intentions was to help them ofcourse they respected her because people that did not have good intentions would be denied! That is why she was a problem to Trump’s henchmen Trump needed an yesman as long as he could get a donation they look the other way! Marie couldn’t be bought.

    1. @vsedai – That’s why he was front man for his uber-corrupt backers. Who better for the job than a polished actor? The FAKE president – crude, coarse and vulgar, only WISHES he had the Gipper’s charm…

    2. wow she certainly seems impartial. why appoint a special council when nancy already gave her verdict? if Dems could actually hold it together for 2 minutes and act like professional we might take some of this seriously.

    3. @Bucky Pinata You’re obviously one of the uneducated that trump loves. Hate to break it to you, but TRUMP IS IMPEACHED!!! THE SENATE CAN NOT UNDO THAT. TRUMP IS IMPEACHED FOR LIFE!. Now, is there anything about that you still do not comprehend? One more time: TRUMP IS IMPEACHED. IS, not might be or may be, he IS impeached.

  2. It’s not looking so good…they’re all still holding on to Chump’s sinking ship.
    The flood gate has opened…the “cover up” artists better start “back stroking” fast!

    1. R E L A X, November is vastly approaching and the senators that vote to keep a corrupt president will be given their walking papers. As far as 45 well 46 will be inaugurated in 2021.

    2. Printagic Online people actually have to register and vote in record numbers. The republic is at serious risk,

  3. Let’s not forget, witnesses like Parnas end up suicided before they can get on the public record. Now he’s on the record.

    1. I would be interested in knowing what kind of plea deal Parnas has with the demos, lie for us and we will drop the charges??

    2. Traitor Trump and his Russian Led Administration are all Rat’s, if your innocent, why are you blocking witnesses and documents??

    3. Wilma Johnson, why do you think Dems have to be the ones lying, you can’t except the truth even if it slapped you in the face. The president lies, he lied about not knowing him on top of millions of other lies. It’s ok to admit defeat sometimes.

    1. Please show us the data or Senate rule on that. Moscow Mitch controls the Senate. He’s a liability for democracy.
      Please contribute to KY Amy McGrath who’s running against Moscow Mitch. She’s edging closer but doesn’t have the deep $$ pockets of McConnell

      Amy is a former Marine fighter pilot. You can contribute online or mail her a check so she gets the full donation.

    2. They need all democrats and 20 Republicans – not happening. Guarantee there wont be a single Republican vote for impeachment.

    1. Just like Avenatti was going to be “President” … He was arrested today by the IRS. Parnas has already contradicted pre existing testimony.

    1. Barr is a weasel but he’s a smart weasel. He keeps himself just far enough away to claim “It Wasn’t Me!!!”

    1. ABSOLUTELY! Thank you for posting that comment. Hopefully, those who were not around at the time will be inspired to Google “Iran Contra Scandal”.

  4. Trump has an “Impeached” record. He may not be able to travel to Canada, Japan or EU. These countries require clean record to enter.

    1. Hey dummy, he has to be convicted… plus as someone who has done time(if you know what “time” means) I’m free to fly all over the world!!

  5. Sen. Collins questioning the timing of Lev Parnas. Why doesn’t she call him in and question him?

    1. i’m really starting to thing this whole interview was a deflection tactic. the davey thing is the whole reason he came out. we all know trump is lying with every breath he takes we did not need parnas to tell us this. well also know that the whole administgration is corrupt to the core. trump was impeached for that already. they clearly threatened the ambassador in those emails. parnas trying to dismiss this a a drunken act doesnt ring well with me. remember parnas is still a thug trump hired to get dirt on biden.

    2. susan collins is always “concerned” about something just theater like when she voted for kavannah boy to the SCOTUS

  6. Not one single minute of this has been broadcast on fox news. They arent covering parnas or Marie Yavanovich. Fox news=biased fake news.

    1. Just like CNN has yet to update on that student who just won a lawsuit of 275 million against them. Going on a few days now, no word.

    2. Wow. Their faithful followers are going to have a rude awakening. lol Actually one posted somewhere in these comments something to the effect implying that trump has not yet been impeached.

    3. @Thebe Bashaleebee They’re all on meth or pills… they live in Strawberry Fields where ‘nothing is real’…🤪 it’s pitiful…

  7. The whole point is if he is innocent like he keeps saying why is he fighting so so hard to stop the info he claims will clear him??

    1. The million dollar question that has been asked since the Mueller investigation. GOP response: “hoax – Hillary’s email’s – Obama, Obama, Obama – Hunter Biden”. The whole GOP, trump administration, and Barr should all be impeached. That way one big real promise of trump would be made good on, “drain the swamp”.

  8. Trump: Who? Parnas? I’ve never met the man. No idea who he is.
    Internet: The dozens of photographs of both of you together proves otherwise.

    1. Trump ok’d one of his lawyers to represent parnas, parnas fired him and hired his own lawyer. Then immediately offered to cooperate
      with congressional investigators and turn over hard evidence.

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