Nancy Pelosi vows to continue fight for women’s reproductive rights | USA TODAY

Nancy Pelosi vows to continue fight for women's reproductive rights | USA TODAY 1


  1. Abortion is not birth control. Last I heard you get still get on the pill, etc. Twisting the facts

    1. No, abortion is not birth control. However, it is necessary for our country to have as a federal law so that the women and young ladies who need abortion services can embrace them without fear or secreacy.

    2. In a very close knit family where the women of that family are raised from infancy that birth control is a sin and that women are nothing more than submissive endentured servants with no voice to men, do you feel that a 15yr old girl in that type of family should bring to term a pregnancy that was caused by being raped by her own father?

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    2. Seeing Alot of success stories, he’s must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

  3. Honestly, if this doesn’t work out in the people’s favour to keep themselves safe re: this matter, it’ll be because Nan didn’t fight hard enough. Her organs are fkd and she don’t fk anymore k.

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    1. Just because she cannot have a baby, does not mean that she should not still fight for a woman’s right to choose….. For the right for a woman to choose should be federally protected for that is what it deserves.

  5. I am proud of Nacy Pelosi for still fighting for a woman’s right to choose and that she deeply feels and believes that a woman’s right to choose is a right that is very much worth protecting.

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