Nanos breaks down O'Toole's campaign victory and his surprising support in Quebec 1

Nanos breaks down O’Toole’s campaign victory and his surprising support in Quebec


Pollster Nik Nanos breaks down Erin O'Toole's victory in the Conservative leadership race and his surprising level of support in Quebec.


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  1. Useless monarchy loyalists. Know how I can tell? I can smell the anti democratic aroma of Crown loyalty even now.

    1. I thought you meant you could smell my loyalty to Crown Royal. None the less, a royal loser now leading the PCs.

    1. F V I guess scandals, ethics violations, conflict of interest, obstruction of justice etc etc, don’t play a role in your mind?

    2. Don’t you have an independent justice department in Canada? 3 ethics violations. Somebody should be prosecuting instead of just a bunch of MP’s voting on whether he stays.

  2. Quebecers don’t really follow the English world, so this nonsense of BLM and Marxism is weird and foreign to them. They’re slow to throw their heritage under the bus

    1. Would you be surprised how much Quebecers follow the English world especially in the greater Montreal area where I would say over 70% are bilingual? I would know, I am a Montrealer born and raised as English as my first language. Quebecers are open-minded to a new leader and most hate Trudeau they see him as what he is. That is why they mainly voted for the Bloc so they wouldn’t give the votes to the Liberals.

    2. @Robert MTL but mtl is the spot for liberals but i agree with you for threst of your point western canadian thinks quebecers vote liberal but not really

    3. yvanthe terrible in the last election Quebec was mainly liberal on the greater Montreal, south est of the St Laurence is mainly CPC, and north and north eastern is Bloc. Quebec have many firearm owners so I can see the switch to CPC or even PPC.

  3. Am I supposed to be able to understand the anchor? Was excess number of news presenters who could be understood a big problem that required remediation?

  4. what is the ratio between “working” canadians vs. ‘CERB’ canadians? that will tell you where the balance of power leans to. I don’t want to be paying for welfare if someone is healthy enough to get a job. and the Liberal Govt is enabling those individuals who would rather sit on the couch and collect a welfare cheque for nothing.

  5. Tradeau is robbing the country blind can you not see where we’re headed, maybe you two can do some time in prison for him

  6. I’ll vote for O’Toole over Trudeau. I’m not quite sure if any PM in history is as scandal plagued as Trudeau, and I’m not talking about the fake scandals leveled against Harper during years of Harper Derangement Syndrome. I’m talking about ones that show actual corruption in the PM office worth hundreds of millions.

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