Nanos: Canada in an ‘economic’ war with Russia, Canadians supportive of sanctions | TREND LINE


  1. the question of why Russia started its military operation in Ukraine just now, when the beginning of the mud season makes any movement of heavy equipment difficult. On the surface, the reason could be that heavy shelling of the eastern provinces by the Ukrainian army has been going on again for weeks. But that alone cannot be the reason. So what does Russia know that we don’t yet know? Could it actually be nuclear warheads that have already been brought to Kiev? This is supported by the fact that although C-17 military transports have been delivering tons of weapons to Kiev for weeks. But only a few flights of these deliveries have not taken the shortest route via Germany on their way to Kiev. They took a detour via the Baltic Sea and Poland. Why? Is it unreasonable to assume that they were not allowed to fly over Germany because they had nuclear warheads on board?
    So if that were the case, our government would know what was really going on. And Russia would then have the absolute right to defend itself by demilitarizing Ukraine with a preemptive war, thus preventing a nuclear attack on its country. Is it unthinkable that the government in Kiev would send nuclear bombs to Moscow?

    1. You dont want to know the truth, its quite unpalatable. But a one world government will be built on the ashes of all your nations

    1. Yes, we do. He finally drove the stake in the heart of the PC’s. He should be given the opportunity to put the CPC out of its misery too

    1. Speak for yourself. I’m fully supportive of backing Ukraine with aid, both humanitarian and military.

    2. @Peter Vanderhook Then why don’t you volunteer to fight for the Ukrainians? Please send a selfie with you at the front lines!

  2. It looks like Truth & Reconciliation has fallen off the scale. It doesn’t look like anyone cares anymore ?

    1. No one ever did. FN in Canada have been treated better than most conquered peoples throughout history. Only when you re interpret 17-19th century policy through a 21st century lenses is this an issue.

    1. I’m sure the Ukraine is really upset they pissed Russia off, oh wait a minute the Ukraine didn’t, oh well.

    1. you misspelled the ‘truckers’, as the gov isn’t violating anyones rights………..the ‘truckers’ however are violating everyone else’s rights…..which is why there is a 300m class action suit against them.

    2. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 I’m sorry you’ve been violated , I’m guessing you.enjoyed every minute of it though

  3. Nope. I do not support sanctions and I am Canadian. But my voice doesnt matter because this government doesnt represent Canadians.

  4. I support bringing in Hot, Single, Ukrainian Women into Canada, it’s definitely the right thing to do 😝😉😂

    1. Unfortunately, there is going to be many young women that their loved ones arey killed by russian soldiers in Ukraine. Maybe she will come here, you may never capture her heart tho.

  5. Growing up in Wpg., and familiar with my childhood friend who was Ukrainian and the love, food, culture is amazing to learn and welcomed in their home. I hold those memories and hope more Ukrainians come to Canada

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