Nanos: COVID-19 fourth wave could be trouble for Trudeau 1

Nanos: COVID-19 fourth wave could be trouble for Trudeau


Nik Nanos breaks down the issues that have already emerged in the 2021 federal election, and who has the momentum right now.

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    1. Other than Federal workers what mandates has he set for you that are so difficult for you to live with?

    2. @1258stdavid Staying indoors, the pandemic cant stop them from going to Walmart and losing it at a minimum wage teen mom

    3. @1258stdavid we arnt allowed to go out of our houses unless we inject ourselves with chemicals that dont even stop you from getting or giving anyone covid that in itself should get him voted out but to many retards in the country now

  1. He will cheat..obviously. You really think an Alzheimer’s patient beat trump from his basement between nap times?

    1. @Cat in the Hat true. And those ballots are fed into a computer/voting machine, that tallies the votes.

    1. How can you define a disease based on change when change itself is a constant? Retrovirus, idio(t)pathic, and ‘disease of exclusion’, also come to mind. A fancy name doesn’t explain or even provide evidence for its existence.

  2. it was brought up in the house of commons and completely ignored and the house speaker shut down the session because the guy was asking about the internment camps.

    1. You, idiots, are out of crude oil, the oil tit dries up, of course, Trudeau is in trouble, anyone running any country shaped like a goat would call a surprise election trying to get out of leadership marks the real beast

    2. @jay ranger what if you are tapped out? then what! and when was the last time the federal government was both truthful and honest after they were elected to ruin the countryplanet!

  3. If you unperson millions of Canadians who are not easily coerced, it won’t end well for any government.

    1. @Derben Leyla if you think the parties are different they’ve got you. Liberal party clearly doesn’t care about quality of life.

    2. @Derben Leyla Yeah why tf would I vote it’s clear voting is no longer the solution. Politicians need to face justice.

  4. Time for a change……all provinces and territories should have the same number of seats…….Trudeau most go…….they have partied on our hard earned tax dollars and laughed in our face…….too many scandals……come on Canadians vote them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. the internment camps were brought up in the house of commons and the guy was shut down and his questions never fully answered about the secret camps.

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