Nanos explains Pierre Poilievre’s strategy to become leader of Conservative Party | TREND LINE

Nanos explains Pierre Poilievre's strategy to become leader of Conservative Party | TREND LINE 1


  1. His strategy is to get as many votes as possible…like mine for example. Nearly 1/2 my family is voting for Pierre.

    1. @Ashatan there were points where to polling was closer, but thay can change overnight and vote efficiency matters, as well as turnout

    2. @Ashatan I would vote for him Charest before Pierre otherwise i will vote Trudeau and i am not alone we do not want a trump in canada

    3. @Ashatan who is talking about Charest? I’d probably not vote for any of the CPC “leadership” contenders, but at least Charest is reasonable and moderate and has actually done things in politics. Skippy is a life long MP who has accomplished nothing for Canadians

  2. The accusation that Pierre Pollievre is right wing has more to do with a lack of politeness on his part than any extreme policy views. Calling Charest corrupt after all his swampy years in Quebec politics is realistic. The Liberals have been polite about using the Emergencies Act & then trying to make some of these “debanking” measures permanent. Bill C-11 is all about enforcing courtesy on the internet while restricting our access to views the govt doesn’t like. A lack of politeness is the least of our worries at this point.

    1. @Thrill House If you print more $ than your economy can support you have inflation. It’s basic economics. If you print huge amounts of $, you get even more inflation. Pointing out the obvious isn’t right wing.

  3. I think you’re way off the mark with this, I’d like someone to convince me that that there’s a couple hundred thousand conservative members who don’t support Pierre Poilievre right now. He’s taking this with a landslide victory, just my opinion.

    1. @Thrill House Considering he sold a record number of memberships of all time including Liberal time, I’m nit sure what makes you think that but we shall see. Trudeau sold a measly 200,000 memberships when he won in 2015. Pierre has sold 312,000.

    1. Predictive programming if you hear it enough you will accept it when they apoint their chosen Chosen.

  4. Pierre is just saying what is true . We need someone who is isn’t going to tip toe around just because he might hurt your feelings. Go Pierre keep telling it like it is.

  5. They say this has been a “nasty leadership contest” its not a contest. Pierre has been the clear winner since the moment he announced he was running.

  6. My entire family is voting for Pierre. when he came and had a rally here. The place was so packed there were hundreds outsuide that wouldnt fit in the place.

  7. It’s a hedge move to support Pierre. There may be splits, but don’t count out support moves to the PPC party and Pierre remaining after he is elected.

  8. Pierre Poilievre has to win to take our country back where it was before this Trudeau bad luck guy came along. Every family has to make a decision doesn’t matter if some members don’t agree.

  9. Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong and you will eat your words in the next election. You always underestimate the damage this government has done and Canada can’t afford to do it anymore.

  10. Poiliever is at 48% charest is at 4% the rest are 3% and lower . You are way off on this one .

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