Nanos explains why the PPC could be a “potential spoiler” in the 2021 election | TREND LINE

Since the start of the federal election, the People’s Party of Canada has seen its support steadily increase across the country, leading pollster Nik Nanos to suggest that it could become a spoiler for the other parties.

According to a report conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News and the Globe and Mail, which was released on Wednesday, the PPC has been gaining ground throughout the country with dramatic surges in British Columbia and Ontario. election night sneak peek: For those looking for the map mentioned on the show, here's the link:

Please note that this version of the map currently shows the results from the 2019 election. You'll be able to see the map with updated numbers as they roll in on Sept. 20.

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  1. Go PPC crush them! I believe in miracles go with your hearts and gut! We need change and get rid of the new world order and there destruction of our country for ALL to live a secure life not only the rich.

    1. @RahRan123 That IS annoying. However, there’s not a political party in existence that, once they’ve got your mailing address, wouldn’t be after you to donate to their cause. As with any business – they get your email then you’re on their junkman list.
      Everybody is selling something…

    2. I agree. Voting for what serves you best and what you believe in is what voting is all about. CPC party has themselves to blame for any splitting that has happened.

    1. @Dark Bright The ‘non partisan commission’ created rules that favour the existing political parties and make it nearly impossible to create new political parties. It is not, in any way, set up to be fair for all running and therefore is NOT democratic.

  2. This guy is finally acknowledging the PPC because he knows he can’t ignore them any more lol. You can see the disdain on his face as he has to tell the world that he’s been lowballing their polling numbers for the last month.

    1. I voted PPC last election and again this one I live in Toronto and know he won’t get a set here. To the rest of Canada do not let Toronto decide who wins this vote PPC 🙏🇨🇦

    1. *@wheelzwheela*
      It appears as though Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Territory don’t exist there when it comes to polling numbers for federal elections in Canada. 😑

    2. @Steven Villman The combined population of Yukon, Nunavut, and NWT is lower than that of several Montreal boroughs. They are tiny.

  3. Are these polls really reliable with so few respondents and a margin of error of almost 5%? It seems like it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    1. Unless it’s a really large sample number most polls do have a fairly large margin of error. That’s why companies like Nanos take polls over a number of days, because if you get a series of polls showing one party or other with a lead, it’s probably a trend and not just a statistical error.

  4. I cant for the life of Canada understand why any one could ever vote treauduo he has total disrespect for Canadians and even said this it will take for ever to repair his damages

  5. The local newspaper in my riding had an article about PPC signs being vandalized in Elmira. I went online to my local PPC candidate’s website and got his phone number and gave him a call. He returned my call in less than 5 minutes. I asked him how many dollars worth of his signs had been damaged and promptly donated that amount to his campaign.

  6. Never a wasted vote for ppc. To obvious of vote for some..this time.
    Should be definitive issues of what is going on

  7. Am i the only one whos sick of the liberal-conservative flip-flop? For real though.. we have let those two parties destroy our country for how long? Stop the “strategic voting” crap, and vote for who’s campaign & morals resonate with you, as a Canadian. THATS REAL STRATEGY!

  8. If you can’t talk about the science, it’s not science. It’s ideology:

    “Science is never afraid of questions; only ideologies are. Furthermore, only ideologies can be followed, not science because science is a method of inquiry, and not a prescription of anything.”

    ~ HC Mehdi

    1. So what would you consider a “scientific fact” – something that can supported so strongly that it’s irresistibly a fact or a truth.

  9. Its not true that the PPC is taking any votes from the Conservatives. The Conservatives could EASILY get those votes for themselves, if they simply moved their platform a smidgeon to the right. But O Toole is adamant about not wanting to do this, meaning the Conservatives don’t care about these votes.

    1. @Voice of Reason Conservatives got 34% of the vote (as of this moment). 5% to the PPC. It could be 40% (for conservatives) if O Toole had just not been afraid of the label ‘far right’.

    1. I do too – unfortunately our candidate pulled out of the election in my riding ( riding suddenly marked ‘vacant’ on the PPC website – last checked, again, yesterday ), and his name was not on the ballot, either. So I had to just spoil my ballot. It’s ” PPC or NONE OF THEM’ , for me – which is how I marked my ballot.

    2. @Alana Maharaj Its a new Party and it will take time. The important thing right now is to increase their percentage of the vote. Eventually it will result in seats.

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