Nanos: Ford has struck “pragmatic balance” between convoy protests and COVID-19 rules | TREND LINE

Nanos: Ford has struck "pragmatic balance" between convoy protests and COVID-19 rules | TREND LINE 1


    1. Conservatives who are disappointed with Ford are too thick to realize that he served them from defeat in the next election. The proof will chime In June.

    2. a few Libs and New Democrats were shockingly impressed I found … in real conversations with family and friends. He looked so distressed when he wandered off the track.

  1. Make no mistake, Ford’s team is trying to save his political skin. He didn’t have an epiphany or some profound revelation. He is completely obsequious and has his political calculations made for him. It’s been a while since we’ve had a strong conservative leader.

  2. Agree…Ford is not a political casualty. Relaxing the mandates is following the other provinces that have already set this in motion. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, PEI have all lifted restrictions. It would be ridiculous if Ontario did not follow suit

    1. @Caradon Schuester :- We will do as required in the future, regarding future pandemics or other emergencies. Lockdowns are far from desired, but if the health of the population or the safety of the nation is at stake…lockdowns might be the only option. We cannot rule out this tool for use in the future…as emergencies demand.

  3. Trudocastro is going to go down history as an autocratic, dogmatic and incompetent pm . It is an embarrassment to won that title.

    1. YES that is such a fair and intelligent analogy. duhh – CDN tanks grind protesters into paste…. Carl… Carl… You have become wedded to this story and it allows you to vent .. Outrage.. and sheer nonsense.

  4. Ottawa major needs to be charged with crimes against humanity for that police action over the past two days. Violence by our police is not justified on a peaceful protest.

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