Nanos: “Friction” between public health officials and politicians causing COVID-19 confusion

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Michael and Nik took a look across Canada – where COVID-19 cases are surging from British Columbia to Quebec.

What happens when health officials aren’t using the same playbook as politicians? Nik weighs in on the potential impact it could have on the public.

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  1. Let’s go back to being free and making our own individual choices. The fear based leftists need to learn to control themselves without controlling others.

  2. It’s not the age of the patients that determines mortality as much as its WHERE the patients are receiving care…. It’s the care homes, why can’t anyone see that? The gov’t is selling you lies so you don’t question their own liability in this.

  3. I’m just relieved Sockboy has a trust fund and a personal money printer to get him through these hard times. I was so concerned that this pandemic might affect him as well but thank the Lord, Sockboy will be fine!! 🙌

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