Nanos: If current numbers hold, “we’re looking at a Liberal win. Period. Full stop.” | TREND LINE

The Liberals are in winning territory with votes coming from mail-in ballots heavily in their favour, according to projections from Nanos Research.

With only one weekend left before Canadians head to the polls, Nik Nanos, the founder and chief data scientist at Nanos Research, said they have been crunching the numbers in their seat projection and modelling data over the last few days.

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  1. I hope everyone read the paragraph at the beginning stating their stats are based off of nightly phone surveys.

    Just ask yourself: what type of voter do I anticipate to partake in a phone survey?

    1. @Not A Stone whatever, I never expected O’Toole to win anyway and I don’t now. Conservatives will form their next government when Pierre Poilievre is ready to take charge

    2. Trudeau is the most divisive and corrupt politician on the planet, and he will say anything to get elected about other political parties, and time and time again, he’s misleading the Canadians on national television, and Trudeau has already BANKRUPT this country and four more years of Trudeau, will be very SCARY!!!!!

  2. September 17th: Third day of hunger strike on Parliament Hill of Afghan interpreters who worked with Canadian military. The Liberal government recently failed to get their families and colleagues out of Afghanistan! Liberal government never gave anyone an explanation why. (maybe they were too busy planning an election).

    1. yourmanwatson not entirely wrong ??? How long has he had to correct that again ????? Stop with the excuses…….and what about the problems Harper inherited from the previous Liberal government too then ???

    2. MrPitbull who knows, but we were pulled out years ago so, there wouldn’t be any interpreters to pull out 🤷‍♂️. The other side of the coin, would be they would’ve acted quicker than the present pm could comprehend and a lot less photo ops too………

    1. Smoke and mirrors. Wait until all the votes are in . The pulse of the nation want Trudeau , intelligent Canadians that is. Those who support Trudeau are obviously intellectually challenged.

    2. Pulse of the nation want Trudeau out and it’s long over due. Trudeau and his incompetent gang are a cancer to Canada.

  3. Why didnt they make a similar video when the conservatives were ahead in the polls with the title “if the numbers hold conservatives will win the election”?

    1. @Keenan Hosfield No. It,s not over until every ballot has been counted. The campaigning is almost over. There,ll be plenty of suspense for three to four days after the polls close. Mail in ballots take longer to count as they can be mailed late by some.

    2. @That Guy that’s why it’s set up that way . All they need is Ontario / Quebec and you win the election .. it should be fair representation.. it claims to be but it’s really

    1. Definition of liberalism. Zero accountability. Zero transparency. Do as I say, not as I do. Everyone is a racist if I say so. Spend like there’s no tomorrow. It’s everyone else’s fault except mine.

    1. @Schmee’s McLaren the definition of insanity : doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result …lib , con , lib ,con , lib , con…PPC the only viable choice

  4. No, I have trouble believing the liberals will even get official opposition. I personally don’t know anyone voting liberal. The liberals I do know are voting for either pc or ndp.

    1. @M. W. I know.I was going to vote for conservative because I didn’t want to split the vote but when I sat down at that table to vote this morning I just couldnt bring myself to do it.I just voted PPC

    2. @Crystal Glass i guess not….lol…. I underestimated the number of idiots in Nfld and the greater Toronto area.

  5. Sorry Ndp , sorry green party , sorry bloc ,,, but this is too serious to vote for my favorite party ,, it’s not conservative, but as we all understand our so called democratic system is flawed , and right now the governing truck is heading for the ditch , so we have to vote Blue to get it back on the road . Not in an embarrassing ditch .

    1. @M D all they’re going to do is ensure JT gets in by taking votes away from PC, Singh doesn’t have it either so it’s PC vs Liberals.

    1. you have to be able to answer questions to partake in polls….
      guess they know you cant answer questions…
      funny how you loved the polls last week when
      Otool was ahead.

    2. @Randy M Bud are you dumb? were all PPC here. Look at the like/dislike ratio, you’re out numbered, give it up.

  6. Is anyone else concerned that the election votes WON’T be completely counted on election night, as has traditionally been done in Canada? Allowing mail in ballots, without proper scrutiny, could raise concerns about, oh, I don’t know, maybe fraud?? What has been wrong with poll workers completing the count and calling the results in BEFORE leaving the poll?

  7. I agree since it was just reported by elections Canada that since there are now mail in votes to count the election will not be called for another 2 – 5 days after polls close. Strangely enough I saw this movie last fall down south.

    1. the issue I have is whether the numbers are trustworthy from an indep source or just being created to incite more Lib support?

    1. Yeah, and when it was obvious that Erin was rolling Nano’s influence showed that in the polls , and when Erin did not do well and had some trouble remembering his platform, Nano’s “influence” produced that as well.
      I guess conservatives would rather deny the messenger and rant when they wake up on Tuesday ….lol

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