Nanos on Conservative leadership race: “A take no prisoners knife fight” | TREND LINE

Falling consumer confidence numbers show we're growing more anxious about where economy's headed. It's a theme that's taken centre stage at the Conservative Party's leadership race.'s Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos also discuss the latest poll numbers as Ontario's election campaign enters its final stretch.

As the Russia-Ukraine war drags on and global anxiety increases, who do Canadians see as friendly faces in the world to do business with in these tense times? Nik's got some exclusive findings to share.

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  1. I have never voted for conservatives, but the fact estabilishments demonize PP so desperately makes me want to vote for him. He will be the best PM we could ever have.

    1. @Primmakin Sofis so you know he is a karen. Imagine a Karen for pm? We all know who he is..

  2. Speculation of a recession? I feel like we’ve been in one for the last two years and it’s only getting worse.

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