Nanos: O'Toole needs to win in Ontairo, British Columbia to make serious gains in election 1

Nanos: O’Toole needs to win in Ontairo, British Columbia to make serious gains in election


Nik Nanos has the latest on the race to be prime minister, with new polling showing the Liberals and Conservatives in a dead heat.

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  1. Great work O’Toole me and my wife used to vote Liberal and seeing you campaign this last week is a breath of fresh air. We had a different opinion about Conservatives before but you have already made up me and my wifes mind and we will be voting for you. Keep up the great work you are very inspiring. Thank you for giving Canadians a better option

    1. @Jay don’t worry about it o’toole is winning big in Ontario right now and that is where you need to win

    1. @Jumbo Me LOL I’m not “throwing my vote away”. I’m simply NOT voting for vaccines/passports. You think O’Toole is going to CONSERVE your values? Laughable…

    1. @Jumbo Me Ford had some of the most strict measures in the country. That’s what you can expect from conservatives. Lol

    2. @jon k lol if that were true then wouldn’t every other province with conservative leaders have done the same ? Nope we’ll there goes your argument. Wanna try again

    1. Ace garcia support conservate maximum as u can. So that o’ toole clean canada that trudeau made dirty

    1. @Jumbo Me “not blind to facts” and yet you ignore why Sloan was kicked out of the party and blindly trust O’Toole. great thinking, genius

  2. We’re still under a state of emergency. Why did this little dictator even get away with calling election.

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