Nanos: The WE scandal a ‘political freight train’ for Prime Minister Trudeau’s government

Pollster Nik Nanos says the WE controversy is a 'political freight train' that could hit the Liberal government in the next election.


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  1. Well we know they’re far too narcissistic to resign, but hopefully this THIRD blatant ethics violation wakes some of the Liberal voters up next time they walk up to the polls to vote.

    1. Not likely, they don’t care as long they keep getting free cheques in the mail not to work. And it’s not as though THEIR rights are being stripped away by crooked OICs.

    2. Voting is useless at this point…these guys get everything… EVERYTHING FIXED…including ballots

  2. FACT: No other Canadian PM has EVER been charged with an ETHICS VIOLATION.
    Trudeau? 3 Ethics violations in 3 years, the first 2 FOUND GUILTY.
    I believe the ONLY way he’ll speak the TRUTH is if he’s put on the stand in a court of law. When Trudeau uses circular NON-ANSWER word salad, he not only DISRESPECTS the parliament, he DISRESPECTS “All Canadians”!

  3. Can we get a no confidence vote they will never leave willingly. They think they own this country now they don’t care who gets hurt.

    1. That’s where the Gov.General comes into play. It would be her responsibility to make them leave if they refused after a non confidence vote. She’d have sort out the Gov. 🙂

    2. A non- con vote would lead to an election in which all the brain dead Liberal supporters and the 10’s of thousands of illegal immigrants brought in by trudeau would return him with a majority. Better a civil war.

  4. Mr Blackface should resign but we all know he would not do that. He would rather take the whole Liberal pasty down with him when the time comes. Just like what Wynne did in Ontario

  5. Anyone else steals or defrauds their employer would be fired and charged unless you’re a Liberal.

  6. It’s time to call a ” VOTE OF NON CONFIDENCE” now!! Enough is enough in Trudeau own words! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  7. Nanos: This story has oxygen….. TV Newscaster: “You think this controversy is here for the long haul?”…………Yeah, not listening to what the guest is saying.

  8. Why am I starting to trust Trump? This Liberal government is beyond belief for its bold face crimes.

  9. A question for Mr. Nanos:
    Do you believe a proper poll of Canadians should be representative of the entirety of Canada based on population
    and not just the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Ottawa Area?

  10. Let’s see how much oxygen get put in this when Blackface speaks. Telford and then WE brothers got some oxygen there too.

  11. This scandal greatly decreases the chances that the government will be able to buy back peoples AR 15s.

  12. The dole is about to dry up and the remaining 8 million taxpayers owe a trillion dollar more . That’s $125,000 per person or $375,000 per liberal. The west is gone.

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