1. We are tired Naomi, it hurts. We also want to know what happened on happened on those Islands

    1. A A You can’t assume either way, but there are things that point to her nasty involvement. She doesn’t have to worry, though. They have powerful people protecting them.

    1. Right! The way she stressed “…FEEL that the color of your skin has…what…impacted…” is part of the problem. IT’S NOT A FEELING, IT’S A FACT!

    1. Funny that no left wing media outlet is even covering that topic anymore but everyone else is still wondering..

    1. Better late than Never plus there’s no way to know how involved ppl are, 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

    2. Munyaradzi Zinyama

      That’s definitely not true.
      They were several celebrities who openly voiced their support for Kap. Then & now

    3. @Warren London but tell me e truth tho brother , I bet u it’s not even over 10% , most of them kist stayed quiet

    4. @Munyaradzi Zinyama Naomi always supported him from the start and made numerous posts and donations.

    5. Collin Kaepernick is a hypocrite. As a starter making millions, not a peep. He gets replaced as a starter by a white guy and suddenly he’s kneeling (about the National Anthem… at first) and everybody is racist. Every time you call another person tone deaf or a racist, it is simply the racism in your own mind.

  2. CNN and the left want to ban a cartoon dog in a childrens tv show. calling leftys crazy is an insult to crazy people.

    1. so what reputable media outlet did you hear this from that the ‘leftys’ came up with this? Just because some losers on twitter start putting stuff like that out there doesn’t mean it is a ‘lefty’. It could be just some ‘righty’ stirring up crap. I have a friend, staunch Republican. Puts out conspiracy theories about the left all the time. Half the time, he made the crap up. Just likes to stir it up and gets off when he does and makes people crazy on Facebook and Twitter.

      And CNN did not bring it up to say it should happen. They brought it up asking where does this so called cancel culture end?

      And I know that this will be pushed as whataboutism, but can you really say that a stupid twitter comment that went viral about Chase on Paw Patrol is any worse than Tucker Carlson ACTUALLY making the comments he did on live tv about Sesame Street? The ‘leftys’ might be crazy, but I read the comments about that, and those on the right can be damn crazy too.

      So how about we stop calling each other names and try to fix the country instead of further dividing it more and more every day (over cartoons).

    1. Haha spot on! Harder to watch than most ads too. Sometimes I watch the full ad because I’m busy cooking… none of them are as bad as this crazy woman

    1. Friends with Epstein? “Those who scream the loudest…” (“Hosea 4:6, Matthew 10:16, Ephesians 5:11”)

    2. So WTF you doing here on cnn then if you feel that way? Go GTFOH and go somewhere else to get your news ya poser!! You won’t though, I guarantee it!!!

  3. You still havent mentioned David Dorn even once CNN!!!!! Why? Does only certain black lives matter to you?!

    1. @Viveka Jackson your President Trump mentions them all the time with business Enterprise zones created for them, record breaking employment and especially the early release programs just to list a few of the many mentions.

    2. Just one of some CNN articles on David Dorn: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/06/03/us/david-dorn-st-louis-police-shot-trnd/index.html

      Why Does David Dorn only matter to Fox?

      Well let’s see:
      He’s black
      He’s a former police officer
      He was defending an pawnshop from looters.

      It advances the Fox narrative that all protesters are looters, cops are being vilified by the left, as that black on black crime should be a focus—not white injustices against black folks.

    3. @David Wurts Unlike the CNN narrative that all riots are peacefull, all cops are racist, black on black crime is not a problem at all and all injustices are against black folks.

  4. Pure Fantasy. People are not needlessly dying at the hands of police in large numbers. They are dying in huge numbers at the hands of criminals in the community.

    1. @Dragon 1717• Tell that to George Floyd and the numerous others not here OR, to the HUNDREDS released from decades long imprisonments on false charges

  5. “…I feel like this is the time for everyone to ask for what they want.” -Naomi Campbell
    Meanwhile: “A world in crisis as America decides it’s time to ask for what they want.”

  6. Coming from someone who abuses her staff it’s a bit rich however no one cares about Naomi Campbell or what she says

  7. Naomi is violent ! She is somebody who treats her staff like slaves and hits and attacks them She is CRAZY !

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