Naomi Osaka Makes Us Come Face To Face With Mental Health Issues 1

Naomi Osaka Makes Us Come Face To Face With Mental Health Issues

Cari Champion, co-host of “Cari and Jemele: Stick to Sports,” remarks on how tennis star Naomi Osaka is using her platform to make sure we can no longer look away from issues of mental health

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    1. @Bat Boy: BTW, feeding dinner to the homeless doesn’t stop them from being homeless. You solved nothing. In fact you only enabled them to continue being homeless.

    2. @Reason Ask a homeless person if a good meal helps. Oh. I forgot. You hate them because they don’t have access to showers. What is enabling you to continue being callous and socially uneducated?

    3. @Bat Boy I respect your efforts, and your positive response to haters. Thank you for your compassion and service to those in need.

  1. In the excerpt she didn’t say it’s ok to NOT talk about it she said it’s OK to talk about it

    1. @MK Self idk y tiny errors jump out at me but they do, Nicole Wallace is very professional and rarely makes errors but nobody’s perfect

    2. @Yeah ok Yes, but in this case, it reversed the entire message. It bothered me too, but mistakes happen, and I do like Nicolle Wallace. She seems compassionate and sincere.

  2. Asking someone to get over an issue with your mental health is like asking someone to run a race with a torn ACL.

    1. @scumlife Aw! Look at you sharing your mental health problems because you really like AOC and she doesn’t even know you exist.
      You’re trying to be funny but you’re coming across as a pathetic excuse for a man. By the way, Karma’s been collecting past dues – better be nicer. Next time something happens to you remember that you were making fun of mental health issues.

    2. @scumlife “Forcing people to get the vaccine is like Hitler and his brown shirts. Oh, and don’t forget that space lasers cause wildfires! ” – Marjorie Laser Beam, the face of the GQP, ladies and gentlemen!

  3. As a world, and as individuals we need to be more tolerant. None of us can meet everyone else’s expectation. To be honest most of us have enough difficulty meeting our own expectations.

  4. Have you never heard of Billie Jean King? She fought and fought. The William’s girls from Compton Ca. Shout Out for the Hood. Fighting is all in or a spectator.

  5. Seven matches including the final match and Naomi has won 4 singles championships so far. Much basic research required!

  6. Naomi, I hope you read this, I stopped watching tennis until you are back in it. I’ll wait, I love you and wish you the best.

  7. there’s a very famous and talented Australian swimmer, Susie O’Neill, also nicknamed ‘Madame Butterfly’ or ‘Queen of the Pool’ because of her near perfect form in both the freestyle and butterfly. Despite multiple Olympic Gold & Silver medals and a 200m WR, at the age of 48 she is still haunted by a single defeat ( 0.01 seconds ) towards the end of her astounding career. She still cannot speak about that one loss without bursting into tears. Such is the incredible and unrealistic expectations placed on these athletes. Give them a break, they are only human !!!

  8. Taking “a mental health day” is not the same as suffering with a mental illness. Find people who know the difference, then have a discussion about it.

  9. It sounds and is so logical by common sense, and you can see through the eyes of the white lady how here brain spins realising that things have to change, if you wanna stay relevant and civilized. Cowboy time is coming to end. Scary smile, like a face mask.

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