Napier on Payette resignation | What did the investigation reveal? 1

Napier on Payette resignation | What did the investigation reveal?


The investigation into Julie Payette and her sudden resignation have caused waves throughout Canadian politics. Joyce Napier reports.


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    1. The liberals chose him just as he chose her. At the time they were so far in the dumps they were looking for a messiah to lead them back to the promised land. Looks like the voters have done the same thing.

  1. All they did with the investigation was cover up any thing they found and that’s why she resigned to give her a easy way out.

  2. Chrystia Freeland will probably take it. Finance minister/ deputy prime minister / governor general. Tradeau’s desk pet

  3. The GG is a post that can’t be all that difficult to fulfill. It shouldn’t take an intelligent rocket scientist long to work out how to play the role to what is expected by the Canadian public. Alas, this is a story about an unsuitable and wrong selection. How it took so long, and so much expense, to get rid of the problem beggars belief.

    1. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. What happen to covid that we have this obvious distractive trash

  4. This story was like an empty cardboard box with a fancy label. Generalisations. If Trudeau didn’t like her I wonder if I might. Lacking details of the evidence it is only a ‘nothing to see here folks’ smokescreen. I might not like her either, but if ‘my Canadian governor general’ is effectively being fired, I’d like to know why. Details, not generalisations.

  5. “Single mom, perfect woman.” If memory serves me didn’t she assault her husband.and other domestic issues. Yhus the reseaon she was a single mom. Hit and run in the states that killed or seriously injured a pedestrian walking. These actions should had ruled her ouy as an option. This is on Trudeau.

  6. Surely anyone could have seen that the woman is totally unbalanced. One can’t blame her for being off her rocker.

  7. lmao and she makes sure her son is everywhere with her to push him into politics even though no one wants him or her

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