1. American conspiracy? Like Russian collusion? Bahahaha hahaha Bahahaha 😆 😂 🤣 😅 😄

    2. @Bear says the groomer lmao. You’re on the wrong side of history. You better hope you don’t get pulled out of your house and given a helicopter ride

    1. @ZR0 some already have and more will as time passes , you would have to be pretty stupid to think otherwise .

  1. Cudos to these people for coming forward finally. But it begs the question where were they the previous few years and what took so long. A day late and a dollar short in my mind.

    1. robert stanford yes their line in the sand was / is damn close to the wall . these attempts at rehabbing would be comical if the situation was not so serious

  2. This is exactly what Giuliani did. He did all of this grandstanding OUTSIDE of the court, but had no merit INSIDE the courtroom.

    1. @Jac Daniels I don’t see a lot of desperation. I do see a lot of anger that it’s taking the DOJ so long to file charges but I’m not seeing desperation.

  3. Subpoena is not a real estate deal. It is a legal notice to appear when summoned. If his lawyer failed to explain what a Subpoena is, the attorney should lose his license to practice law!! This puts Bannon’s ignorance on display. He should get the maximum sentence to make it clear that the lies are not welcome in a court of law.

    1. @Yehim Stone Eric Holder, Democrat Attorney General, they are so very self righteous when judging others.

    2. @SUN STAR exactly. And both issues involve election integrity, yet the left had no outrage when politicians refused the subpoena and refused to turn over OUR evidence from the elections. Democrat double standards as usual

  4. Y’all remember when Obama wore that tan suit and everybody lost their minds? I miss those kind of scandals.

  5. The American system is so exceptional, one avoids criminal prosecution and gains immunity by simply running for the highest office in the land.

    Criminality isn’t a disqualifier for presidency, it’s perhaps even an advantage – a la Nixon, Bush…

    1. @I got friends in low places he really wasnt, and if you fell for his bs, i’m done talking to you

  6. Steve Bannon literally announced it on his podcast that the Insurrection was going down & he sounded jovial about it. How in the world did they think this was all going to end well? The police officers who lost their lives that day should still be with us. There’s only one word that comes to my mind, Horrific.

    1. @Adolf Zelensky Well, I think this expression is still being used, just to express the action of recording something. Bannon was recorded, then, if you like that better. The point is, a recording of him saying this, on the 31st of October 2020, exists. You can listen to it yourself.

    2. @Aionian Sage Sure, that’s why everything I said stands up to fact checking..you should try it. God knows you need it if you believe Trump!

    3. @Adolf Zelensky “You mad, bruh?” Your facility with the King’s English indicates that you have obviously matriculated at Oxford or Cambridge.

    4. @Truth so the troll you spoke to couldn’t live up to your expectations via social media eh? Well at least he succeeded at falling so short of them. And it wasn’t just a tumble, it was a nosedive…

  7. I love Honig but without question the others on this panel are brilliant, crisp, sophisticated, and incisive. So terrific.

  8. “I thought subpoenas were an invitation to negotiate.” LoL, subpoenas usually happen after voluntary cooperation has failed or been written off as not an option.

  9. I like the way the little lawyer turned away when he started talking that Bull about the election being stolen. 😂

  10. Why shouldn’t Thompson be there Steve Bannon is 100% right the police have to be there at court when they give you tickets for Stuff why shouldn’t Thompson be there in court when he’s The one that held Steve Bannon in contempt

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