Nasa Administrator Talks Private Space Travel, Competition With China

Nasa Administrator says billionaires 'Bringing Attention' to space with private travel
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    1. Try to see beyond the moment. Most every major exploration in recent history was financed by the one per-centers. Only them they were Monarchs like Queen Isabella of Spain and Columbus or Queen Elizabeth the first and Sir Walter Raleigh. Think of how much we need to start moving beyond Earth and what this means for future generations.

    2. That’s like saying that because Rockafeller’s kitchen staff had the first dishwasher that your kids never will.
      There’s far, FAR worse ways they could have spent their money.
      “Oh, they should just focus on the environment”, as if so much critical environmental data doesn’t come from non-government satellites.
      One of the few times we’re going to see a trickle down effect from the rich. Like Lindbergh, Alcock & Brown flying the Atlantic.

  1. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos do not pay their fair share of taxes, in fact they are getting more money from their personal income taxes, their corporations do not pay any government taxes.

  2. no one’s can’t going to moon 🌚 but you’re can going to spy’s NASA company full sheet

  3. “were going to build a space wall and the moon will pay for it” – Donny Daughter Diddler

  4. Kinda seems like that Matt Damon movie, when he had to sneak into that ultra-wealthy space habitat to cure himself while regular people like himself who were earthbound were left to suffer

  5. I’m willing to go up as the most out-of-condition man ever into space if they’ll take me. Beam me up, Scotty.

  6. How about affordable health care for tax-paying American citizens instead of being ripped off from the health insurance Industrial complex.

  7. 5:44 LOL I love how the guy from NASA screws up, talking about how the US and China were the only country’s to land a man on Mars until correcting himself, saying Moon. Wishful thinking or a Freudian slip?: You decide. 🙂

  8. Billionaires not paving the way “tax payers” are!
    That 26 trillion missing from the federal reserve built the infrastructure!

  9. Remember when instead of letting super rich people do stuff by themselves and for the benefit of themselves we made them pay their fair share of taxes and then all of us as a society benefited from the exploration of outer space?

  10. So tell me, how did these men become billionaires, while underpaying and exploiting their employees into poverty? Are they really just “Spending Their own Money”? Bill Nelson needs a realty check.

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