1. I get claustrophobic whenever I think about what this must be like for them.
    We are so lucky to have the Earth.

    1. I would imagine the experience would be non-stop excitement. These are just a few steps of to ultimately reach other planets. I’d imagine there’s another planet out there so much better than earth – unimaginably more beautiful and sadly we won’t experience it. One day the first colonists will arrive there and we’ll all be long dead when that day happens.

    2. Rata 4U
      It’s only exciting because everyone is watching, and you might only be doing it to impress someone. But that someone might only experience a life like that as extreme hardship.

      The Earth is beautiful. We are perfectly suited to it. Even if there is another planet out there we could live on, it will be aeons before we can acclimate to the differences. And take generations to even get there. And you could never return.

      Right now, we can’t even raise a single family in space. Even if we could, it would be At tremendous cost, and damage to the environment.

  2. Why the hell are video links popping up in front of the last three pages of text? Doesn’t anyone think this through?

    1. Happens on most of their videos in this format. Honestly shows how little effort is put into making these videos.

  3. There’s nothing exciting about the space program anymore and a little raft boat to pick the astronauts up with wow the Apollo program had an aircraft carrier with helicopters to bring the astronauts back in and everybody knew the astronauts by name it’s just a business now no surprises and the whole world was watching

    1. They probably use the same footage from the fake moon landing … ( Apollo 1969 ) …. read my comment higher on the page !

    2. i got a better question. why are there nasa astronauts in a spacex capsule? only nasa employees are allowed to go to space?

    3. @velociraptor898 “Higher on the page” Ya that thing is probably in oblivion by now with the amount of dislikes it got. Start thinking critically please…

  4. I’m sorry, but all I see is a massive resource and money pit, with no regard for pollution of our atmosphere.

    1. How does this create pollution? Also with the discoveries this program makes the hope is to start harvesting resources OFF of Earth so we preserve our environment even better. Please think critically before commenting

    1. Alright if it was fake then give at least 100 points where you can tell it is fake because if it was fake it would be obvious. Saying the whole video doesn’t count. Each point needs a redeeming factor proving it is fake. If you find 100 then reply to this comment.

  5. You couldn’t read the comments at the last there because of ADS! When they do that… I MAKE IT A POINT OF NEVER EVER BUYING WHATEVER IT IS THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL! Reverse advertising is what it is called! T-shirts and a BIAS news channel! GET LOST! C697opine!

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