NASA releases first colour images sent from Mars 1

NASA releases first colour images sent from Mars


NASA released the first colour images sent back from Mars by the Perseverance rover.

The rover successfully landed on Feb. 18 and will explore the red planet for signs of ancient microbial life.

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    1. The European space agency is going to send another rover who will fire the samples to an orbiting satellite, which will then send the samples back to Earth, it’s really cool

    2. @Tuna Sammich What? did you forget how cars are made these days? of ya that’s right, MACHINES.
      Machines can collect dirt samples *face palm*

    1. @The Post how the ef would you know if I can’t stop talking about your drooling helmet wearing crap eating hero?

  1. Just curious… if these micro organisms are considered “life” … explain to me again how a to-be aborted fetus isn’t “life”?

    1. @Leutrell Bodden that’s a fair response, my argument is just that it seems if we discovered microbial life on Mars, it would be treated with greater care and dignity than an unwanted child on Earth.

    2. @TheFoxfourty8 I know but the baby is still an innocent victim too. Often girls carry the child to term and adopt it out.

    1. There is. They have more important things to do with the limited bandwidth right now though. There is one photo of curiosity getting lowered from the sky cam if you search for it fyi. More higher def photos and video will be released in the coming weeks.

    2. Microbial life… small little cells are life on Mars… but a human fetus isn’t on earth . Women’s choice yes, but let’s call abortions what they really are.

    1. @BIDEN 2020 Just remember; your hat will amplify certain frequencies: those in the 2.6 Ghz (allocated for mobile communications and broadcast satellites) and 1.2 Ghz (allocated for aeronautical radio-navigation) bands.

    2. @Joe Skins I’ve seen more truth in the Scriptures than anything NASA has released. NASA destroyed their credibility long ago.

    3. @King James Bible Believer 1611 Can you back that up I can see the ISS orbit over my house but I haven’t seen demons or angels

    1. Don’t you know, earth is the only flat planet, the rest are round, flat earhers all around the globe agree with this.

  2. i don’t see how there coulda been water

    because the water woulda been frozen

    and woulda stayed frozen this entire time

    the way that i see it

    1. Lets see. Rocket scientists with PHDs in Physics managing to do incredible, groundbreaking work vs some dude on youtube named “riley’s dad mike” that most likely delivers skids of 2x4s to local lumber yards. How can we possibly choose who to listen to?!

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