NASA Renames DC HQ After Trailblazing Engineer Mary W. Jackson | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Known from the film 'Hidden Figures,' NASA has named its Washington, DC headquarters after its first female African-American engineer, Mary W. Jackson. MSNBC Brian Williams shares the latest. Aired on 06/24/2020.
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NASA Renames DC HQ After Trailblazing Engineer Mary W. Jackson | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. It is very interesting, how the corona “virus” completely dissapeared, as soon as communist kiddie fiddler democrats started rioting

    2. @Democrats wank to Desmond is amazing
      Yes, its truly another amazing hoax proving that the democratic party is a front for the devils legion and lucifers minions are gutting the nation for full beast system Demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity paving the rise of the Antichrist

    1. @Defendor Margaret Sanger is praised by the KKK and the DNC alike. Founder of Planned parenthood. Ground breaker on eugenics. Declared racist.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Because us fishbelly whites have many older men we can look too for inspiration, but centuries of tilted tables have almost ensured that it isn’t that way for any other group.

    3. @Defendor It’s not surprising that you like her. You’re a democrat. Please tell everyone you know and everyone you don’t know, how much you like Margaret Sanger. She was a very very good democrat.

  1. She didn’t just overcome discrimination, her work was amazing as well and stands a testament to her ingenuity and intellect. She is the kind of American who deserves to be honored.

    1. ^^^^^Wig Picker^^^^^ Another new Account…..How many is that now, and does it pay more rubles?

    2. @skunkjobb The fact that black people can be doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, judges, police commissioners, mayors, governors, senators and even presidents proves system racism doesn’t exist in America at all.

  2. She put men on the moon in ’69 basically using a slide rule, computers of the day took trucks to move and we’re just huge scientific calculators with capacity for lots of decimals, and she was better, chew on that’s, cool cats👍😎

    1. @Thyalwaysseek There can be systemic racism without every single black person being treated badly at every single workplace in the whole country. It’s strange that you couldn’t figure that out for yourself.

    2. @skunkjobb LOL so what you’re saying is systemic racism exists even though it doesn’t exist…right gotcha.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek Before you say anything, maybe you should do research before you act sarcastic. Black people make up about 4% of physician in the United States. And about 2% of them are African-American females

    1. muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber … you better mean that in a negative way! Unless she is your heroe!

    2. @Butch Dye Anyone who vote democrat and haven’t researched who Margaret Sanger was, is a totsal ignorant. On the other hand, if you know who she was and you still vote democrats, you’re a racist.

    3. Well….also with a grain of salt. Frankly, I really enjoyed the story-arc for the Supervisor, but the one for Mary W. Jackson was quite undercooked and the main arc I felt made the character less than she was. Ie the whole story with the toilet…in reality, she simply went to the next toilet and when eventually one of the “white ladies” protested, she just decided to continue to do what she had done for months at this point. No white saviour necessary.

      In addition, the scene with the explicitly Jewish character doing his speech about the great opportunities he had now after he had needed to flee Germany was extremely uncomfortable if you know just a little bit about the NASA and what kind of people where working there.

  3. Amazing! Imagine being so influential that astronauts are asking for you specifically, you have a movie based on your life and then your workplace is renamed in your honor! Great news

  4. I’m glad that she is being honoured in this way. It’s a pity it didn’t happen in her lifetime, but hopefully this will show other African American women that anything is possible, and hopefully inspire them in all walks of life, and all career choices in the future. Maybe even getting not only the 1st Black female POTUS, but the 1st female POTUS in history. Yes, it’s going to take another 5 years, but it’s possible.

    1. By 1979, she had achieved the most senior title within NASA’s engineering department. That’s an honor.

  5. The only way we can truly stop racism is to combine Black History and regular history to create true American history.

    1. Some black radio host created White history month. And I mean, if there has to be a black history month, then it logically follows there has to be a history month of all other races too. You cannot make any differences between races, or you’re a racist.

    2. We don’t have to go around naming stuff after black people while statues of white people are getting destroyed in order to do as you said.

      It’s reverse racism hands down. That’s exactly what’s happening to our country.

      I’m 100% supportive of schools teaching the same amount of black and white history. This is just something for show.

  6. *Mary W. Jackson grew up in Hampton, VA, where she graduated from the all-black George P. Phenix Training School with highest honors. Mary Jackson earned bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physical science from Hampton University in 1942. She was a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha.*

    1. …and I know it is hard for you to decide what to praise, her skin color OR what she achieved. You actually came when you saw she’s black. Please clean your monitor.

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