Nashville bomber identified, likely died in explosion, authorities say | USA TODAY

Nashville bomber identified, likely died in explosion, authorities say | USA TODAY 1


Nashville explosion: Police identify bomber.
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Authorities are asking anyone who knew Anthony Warner, the man police say is the Nashville bomber, to come forward.

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76 Comments on "Nashville bomber identified, likely died in explosion, authorities say | USA TODAY"

  1. Based on the first media stories and what they were saying; almost like they knew? Otherwise I don’t see the media passing up a chance to say a “terrorist attack”.

    • @Sissy Brooks well, you asked for clarification, and despite your grammatical errors in both comments, that have some what muddied your point or intent, I’ll give one more try, the person’s original comment is guilty of stirring the same paranoia they say media usually does, but because media didn’t do that this time, they are saying there’s a cover up or a conspiracy, because reporters supposedly acted as they should, like professional reporters giving facts, and not jumping to conclusions of terrorism, so the commentator is now jumping to conclusions with only this peculiarity as proof. They have no evidence to say this is the case, but themselves are now stirring unfounded paranoia with these accusations. And basically when doing this they’re saying a lot of people are liars without proof or giving a reason for calling people liars. Also, the reason they give isn’t true, when you can do a google search and find media outlets that were asking if it was a terrorist attack. If you have a specific question to clarify i can do that much easier, than guessing at what part is unclear, but i hope this helped

    • Kaleidoscopic Kali | December 28, 2020 at 9:46 PM | Reply

      @Sissy Brooks Again, Sissy: that doesn’t validate neo-Nazis. And again, “Sissy”: BLM arose partially in response to actions BY White Supremacist groups.

      NAZI LIVES DON’T MATTER, “Sissy”. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • @Eric Goss those were typos. If you are as bright as you think you are you would know that. Enough of the silly nonsense.

    • @Sissy Brooks you made errors that caused grammar problems, whether they were typos or not, they make it hard to tell what you were saying. I didn’t declare any cause for your errors, i don’t know why you think i should assume they were typos. Especially considering my main point was to not make accusations. You however have insulted me multiple times. I also never declared anything about being intelligent, but made a simple statement you asked for clarification on, when i had already chosen my words carefully to make a succinct statement, so to explain what was behind that without being directly rude to others or be further misunderstood, it took a longer structure, that you had to call rambling, which is insulting, when rambling is to speak without any point. I’m not sure what was confusing but maybe next time ask a direct question of someone, as there must have been some reason you asked for clarification, unless you just like insulting people, as I’m still unsure what your point is or why you engaged in discussion with me, i won’t jump to conclusions upon the matter and get into trading insults, but i do hope you think upon what energy you put out to people, because none of what I’m addressing is nonsense, i have done nothing for you to be rude towards me, and while you didn’t even care to put the effort into understanding my point, know that i put the effort into typing it so as to be clearly understood, and showed the care and respect for you in this regard, that it is clear you have not shown me.

    • @Eric Goss blah, blah blah….

  2. Two words to remember Eric Rudolph, the FBI didnt find him and they ruined some other guys life who actually saved people.

    • Larry Oxentine | December 28, 2020 at 3:23 PM | Reply

      @Baby Joe No the FBI looked for Rudolph in the NC mountains for months, pissing off the locals and making asses of themselves.
      Somebody even fired a shot into their ” headquarters” . Rudolph got apprehended by a local deputy when he was found going through a dumpster because he was hungry. Also Rudolph told that the FBI walked by him in the mountains, you could hide an elephant in a rhododendron thicket, as long as you’re quiet.

    • Larry Oxentine | December 28, 2020 at 3:28 PM | Reply

      @cybererik1 The lefts code word for truth, conspiracy theory.

    • @Amber Fowler Talking about Atlanta Olympics Security guard found left back pack called it in. FBI blamed the security guard for putting it there to be a hero. Was a man just doing his job. FBI needed quick arrest made the man a scape goat when he was a hero. More then the cop who heard loud speaker telling him RV will explode.

    • Grimstnzborith Brisingr | December 28, 2020 at 4:15 PM | Reply

      @Baby Joe Only AFTER they convicted an innocent man, Jewell.

    • Nailed it. I’ve been saying this since it happened.

  3. southern redneck | December 28, 2020 at 10:34 AM | Reply

    If surveillance cameras show the explosion why does it not show who parked the RV in that spot?

    • @devae98 Wrong use of ‘whom’

    • @Brian Skaggs You think?

    • @devae98 Yeah. Here’s a tip. ‘Who’ is used in situations where you would use ‘he’ or ‘she’. But ‘whom’ is used in situations where you would use ‘him’ or ‘her’. For example: “This is going to whom?” “This is going to him.” “Who is going?” “He is going.”

    • @Brian Skaggs I thank you for English lesson, though I was trying to see if that would bring the grammar Nazi out of the guy I was talking to…That really wasn’t meant for overall public consumption.

    • @Linda Moody Perhaps? Mam Im not sure what that applies to. But smooches. edit: sorry for reflecting ur poopyness back to u i shouldve been better

  4. 40 businesses damaged. Man, owning a business in this country this year has been total hell.

  5. BREAKING: The FBI found a noose nearby and have now designated 20 agents to investigate.

  6. It might be possible he landed on a canopy without his arm and just walked away.

  7. Anyone else notice how the windows blast from the inside out of the building? Or how a voting audit was on its way? Oh wait… I should get outcasted for even mentioning this. The social party is correct. I’m wrong. I don’t deserve a 600 check from billionaires who make salaryX 10000. Who else would regulate cigarettes and take 40% of our money and close down our businesses to save us? I’m thankful. Please sir may I have another

    • pattianne pascual | December 28, 2020 at 2:30 PM | Reply

      The first thing I noticed was the debris in 2 lines. They certainly did blast OUT from the building, not in, which is what would happen if something exploded outside of the building. You see a line of debris in front, which would be the first floors, and a second line, which would explain debris falling from the higher floors.(takes those extra seconds to travel from above down to the ground).

  8. So, the gun shots didn’t happen then or what? We just going to skim over that?

    • The gunshots were most likely recorded and played over an intercom.

    • South Florida Archery Guy | December 28, 2020 at 3:00 PM | Reply

      There’s a lot that’s being skimmed over. Something isn’t right about this. You don’t blow up a city block on Christmas Day for no reason. 5G doesn’t seem like a reason for such an elaborate act.

  9. Twilightsummerbreeze | December 28, 2020 at 12:02 PM | Reply

    The RV in the attack had one stripe along the top, while this guy’s RV has two stripes.

    • i posted pics of both of them this morning on twitter and the trolls went crazy saying its a optical illusion ,ect.

  10. The Last Unicorn | December 28, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

    “A person of interest”!!!!
    Wait So he’s not “terrorist” and this a “Terrorist act”??

    • It’s just like they refuse to call all the explosive fires in US and Australia etc – pyroterrorism – when in fact it is just that. Also they know Agroterrorism exists and is and has been happening, but they refuse to acknowledge all the zoonotic diseases that keep poisoning our food supplies are in fact deliberate terrorist attacks essentially.

    • @M J Because he played a message warning and telling people to evacuate, this means that the motive was not terror.

    • In order for it to be terrorism it has to be ideologically motivated, and we don’t know the motive. So yeah, not terrorism until it’s proven

    • @rabblerouser if it was meant for his wife or coworkers would you still classify it as terrorism?

    • The Deplorable Jedi | December 28, 2020 at 1:43 PM | Reply

      You are not considered a terrorist in this country unless you are a patriot and a republican.

  11. Whelp we found 8 large chunks and 50 small chunks that are his FOR SURE. Can’t say if he’s dead though.

  12. Elvis high fiving big foot while on the back of the lockness monster chasing a Chupacabra then they are abducted by aliens. That is more believable than this story.

  13. The Patsy died, he was a loner and last name just happens to be Warner…The FBI are the most corrupt liars.

  14. Where’s the video of the RV pulling up and parking?? And…what about the video/s of the person/s exiting the RV before the explosion??…

  15. I FARTED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE | December 28, 2020 at 1:21 PM | Reply

    Amazingly they had his DNA on record and could match that to ash. Even more amazing is how quickly they solved the case while having possession of a laptop with blatant crimes on it

    • Hey, wait a minute… Aren’t you the guy who farted on my birthday cake?

    • I FARTED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE | December 28, 2020 at 3:47 PM | Reply

      @1JackTorS Went from Vanilla to Chocolate in the blink of a brown eye.

    • @I FARTED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE the DNA from the other car suspected of being his is run and it comes back as the same profile as the DNA they got from the crime scene? That’s how a match can be done without a profile already in the system… Not that difficult…

    • I FARTED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE | December 28, 2020 at 6:04 PM | Reply

      @Tommy Devine A three year old could set someone up according to that. So much for the Patriot Act

    • @I FARTED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE I suppose so… If that three year old wandered into a federal crime scene in possession of the dude’s DNA (specifically the chunk of him that the DNA at the crime scene was obtained from yet was from somewhere other than the explosion)…

  16. There were also around 30 to 40 rounds fired in that area before the bombing. That is why the police came to that location in the first place. This whole thing does not make any sense

    • @Mai Ung u sound crazy also the guy who found dead in the explosion is a trump supporter

    • @DeathW!sh bulls#@t he was a registered democrat but nice try

    • Cuz it all bullshit. Come on peeps. Look at what they blew up! What were they trying to hide ? AT&T building !! Election Fr aud PROOF now gone

    • I totally agree, something is very very wrong about this story. If the police arrived at 5.30 am and this recording was on, then why didn’t the police not call in the Bomb squad? Why weren’t robots sent into the RV? Instead the police was going door to door alerting people. Why were the cops afraid of the RV ? Did they want it to explode??? They waited until 6.30am Why???. Something smells very fishy and something seems like a coverup!!!!

    • @laurel barnes The police DID call in the bomb squad. Learn your facts. Also Robots can’t just go into an RV lol this isn’t a videogame

  17. Here we go with the BS again.
    2020 – The Year Of Gullibility!

  18. Call him a terrorist. Treat him like you’d treat anyone else would’ve done this.

  19. “Nashville bomber identified, likely the CIA.”

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