National Hurricane Center Says Ida 'No Where Close' To Over 1

National Hurricane Center Says Ida ‘No Where Close’ To Over


Ken Graham from the National Hurricane Center says heavy rain and storm surge could still impact areas affected by Hurricane Ida and that it is "still a life-threatening situation." » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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National Hurricane Center Says Ida 'No Where Close' To Over


    1. Crazy Democrat alert! It’s Donald Trump’s fault it’s Donald Trump’s fault bad orange man bad bad orange man can you believe this guy! I think all Democrats went wacko just in the last couple years

    2. harktz … No one is blaming Trump for the hurricane. We are just making fun of his attempt at being a weatherman and his trusty sharpie lol

      Oh yeah, we are also making fun of how Trump,describes hurricane… “Very wet by the standpoint of water” haha

  1. Texans, keep an eye out on Ted Cruz. If he breaks for Cancun, means Ida is headed your way! 😳

    1. A Democrats spread this around I know you will oh, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz concocted hurricane Ida and hurricane henri also! Give you fifty cents down to start!

    2. @Chad Simmons So you’re scared to admit Biden is competent and terrified of admitting Harris turns you on? Admitting your problems is the first step. 😉

    3. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe I’m not mentally disabled 🥴 I realize that Democrats can’t do anything but blame Republicans for not being controllable 🙇

    4. Lol that’s a better warning than the weather news channel. Soon as you see Ted pack up for vaca, you can be sure there’s a massive natural disaster coming!

    5. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe The hurricane has Louisiana out of power, why isn’t Biden on a bucket truck fixing it? You expected Trump to do that😬

  2. Republicans love to blame California for bad forest fires, so should we blame Louisiana for stronger hurricanes? Climate change is real, accept it and do something about it

    1. Thank you climate is real watch some of the lectures from Cambridge, MIT , Oxford , and other top universities around the world it will scare the crap out of you . I’ve given up driving and now only ride a bike .

  3. It’s moving over mostly flat terrain for many miles heading North. It’s like a plow moving over the landscape.

    1. And moving slowly – drenching and saturating the ground – resulting in extensive flooding – and then there are the sporadic tornados that get spawned. It’s a nightmare. I hope everyone in Ida’s path can stay safe and well!

    2. @Phil Groves
      From the Gulf coast of Texas to the Florida Panhandle they are use to big storms for many decades. That Gulf area is a target for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. This storm is going to be a problem all the way up to the Northeast with rain and flooding.

      Compared to other years this year has been Relatively Quiet for tropical storms and Hurricanes so far. We still have until October to go, the Gulf waters stay warm enough.

    3. @David from America Indeed. I have lived in TX, SC, AL, FL, TN, and KY. I’m well aware of how the storms affect the direct path and the surrounding regions.

  4. Couple weeks ago Biden was telling people in hurricane areas to get vaccinated for just this reason. Covid + power outages + overwhelmed hospitals + flooding. Wicked combo.

  5. I just have to point out how quickly Americans can actually come together in unity and actually think about the well-being of their fellow Americans when a catastrophe happens to them and it is not politicized.

    So, it IS possible after all.

    1. That’s all over the world you know. I a human tray. If was not for that 75.000 years ago would have been extinct.

  6. I sat through a tropical storm on my sailboat on the Sea of Cortex a few years back. We had very unsteady winds (usually around 15 – 45 kts), gusting only to about 75 kts. Weaker than any hurricane – super mild compared to Ida. However, the old timers who were there with me had also weathered several hurricanes in the past (again, none as strong as Ida), and they told me that the tropical storm was worse by far because of the sudden gusts that would rip through – going from next to no wind at all to 60 – 75 kts (puts a lot of strain on ground tackle). They said the hurricanes tended to be more steady, more predictable, with less variability in the gusts. Yeah, it was a friggin’ nightmare that lasted about 12 hours (intense rain and severe wind gusts). BUT – it was a cake walk – NOTHING like what Ida is doing to Louisiana! Stay safe people – I understand how powerful, scary, and dangerous it is!

  7. I have a pot of coffee on no way I’m leaving my 🇺🇸Southern brethren Gods will. Ida is a Monster and now Chaos and Darkness has joined her for human misery and destruction. It’s truly going to be a long night. 😔

    1. @Lynne Ninonuevo I must admit I WAS trying to convey the sinister tone of a London stage actor … that said, my ‘quip’ does NOT reflect my shock of ‘what might be’ AND my concern for the people. It’s bloody tragic – especially on top of the 16th anniversary of Katrina – AND with it being so close to 9/11 – AND with it coinciding with the withdrawal from Afghanistan (a shitshow & additional tragedy in the making) – AND the wildfires – AND the social division & unrest – AND the division that CoVid has caused. It would be easy to mock the US at the moment. But, it would be wrong. Very wrong.x

    2. @Razzle1964 yes it does seem we’ve had our fair share of tragedies, especially with President Chump at the helm . 2020 & 2021 have been a veritable shxxt show I agree. Just hoping our country can get back to normal soon. 😢

  8. Gotta LOVE how your radar is in Louisiana (New Orleans) colors… Mardi Gras colors… Purple, Green and Gold. Not sure if y’all planned that, but kudos for that. Great way of honoring us. Thanks. ♥️♥️😠

  9. Give Trump a map and a sharpie and he can change the forecast. The hurricane, which is very wet by the standpoint of water, will be over with in seconds.

  10. i was on a submarine at 600 feet in hurricane sandy we had 4-foot swells at that depth. it was the only time in 7 years on subs I got seasick. I pray everybody got out ok

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    1. Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him

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