1. @Lex Ruptor Until you end up in jail in a foreign country who doesn’t have the same laws we have here… Good luck with that!

  1. It doesn’t matter who we got, a man responsible for the deaths of over 5 million children in Africa should have never been an option.

    1. You only pretend to care about Africa when it suits your red hat MAGA needs. Russia has been destroying Africa for decades and Russia is also responsible for the destruction of Venezuela and Ecuador.

    2. @Suzanne Correct and he was an independent dealer. I doubt putin and co. have much use for him other than some useless peripheral intel.

    1. @Chick with Stick
      The flag symbolizes different views for different people. You can molest it with affection on a stage or use it to beat capitol police… and your called a patriot… use it to exercise your rights to free speech… you’re not a patriot.
      Damn rules

    1. @Pedro The Mexican She’s a high profile black woman, and Bout a high profile male. Whelan’s brother agreed with the president’s decision, so you’ll have to as well.

    2. @Jason Brown Not all whites are the same. You should know this; it’s just whites like you they don’t care about.

    3. @J J Why didn’t trump get Whelen out?? Im pretty sure Whelens crime happened during his term in the WH. OHH. nevermind…….

  2. I want every American to hear this. Do not go to any country that has a dictatorship style system. As of today you are worth top dollar for any prisoner exchange. Famous or not.

    1. @Honor Ladone exactly no he is an stupid if you go to any other country you must know about what is legal and what is not

  3. I think 9 yrs is way too stiff for such a little thing. But an American going to Russia and trying to carry anything thru is crazy! Trading a sports figure for a Russian death merchant is total B.S.!!!

  4. Give Brittany back, she’s just gonna go back to her old habits of doing drugs and talking bad about the US, the country she embarrassed and constantly puts down.

    1. Totally I bet she won’t kneel on a flag again…ya right what a joke she better be respectful tax money paid for this

  5. When it comes to getting a U.S. citizen back from a hostile country, I don’t care about the individual’s politics. I just want our people back home and right now I’ll take what we can get. Just like when Trump got those young black men out of China for petty theft, we get our people back. Trump was pretty casual with Putin during his time in office, and I have no doubt he tried to get Paul home, but for some reason Putin just doesn’t want to let him go. It’s more complicated than some of you seem willing to admit.

  6. Good for Griner – happy for her.
    Not good for the many, many future victims of Victor Bout – and an insult to many past victims.

  7. He’s LYING!!!! & saying all the things he thinks ppl want to hear… but those 4yrs is nothing compared to the innocent ppl convicted everyday who only see freedom after doing 25+ yrs for crimes they did NOT commit so 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Intriguing, i always knew there was more to life and i have also been looking for a way to find not only protection but a way to be influential to the human society

    1. oh well you can achieve that by being a part of the illuminatus brotherhood, i know it sounds like a mystery but there are ways you can actually get in contact with them

    2. @Jackson Reeves well it is not and you can’t actually expect it to be open to everyone, but if you want to know more you can look up Wilford Robert Taylor online you will find something interesting

    3. Totally I bet she won’t kneel on a flag again…ya right what a joke she better be respectful tax money paid for this

  9. This sets a dangerous precedent. If Bout returns to dealing arms (which is highly likely) to rogue states and terrorists then Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa could be in trouble. In the international game of conflict a new player has returned to the scene. Mr. President I hope you know what your doing and did not do this out of some misguided sense of a social justice crusade. Our foreign allies intelligence communities will be watching this very closely. How can we rely on there cooperation when we go and exchange international criminals. There is gonna be huge political fallout from this one. I just hope innocent lives are not lost in the process.

  10. Mr. Whelan , America is praying for you and we love you. Please stay strong and I can tell you are a praying man. Keep praying 🙏

  11. Remember this is the woman who turned her back on the national anthem and said it should not be played before WNBA games! She is no hero or role model to our young girls!

  12. Yep. I’m sure we can totally believe Biden without question that Russia wouldn’t let Whelan go – but only Griner. He’s a man of his word.

  13. They keep saying “wrongfully detained. I understand Whelen falling into that category, but didn’t Griner get caught bringing pot into Russia?

    Like if I bring a vape pen with me from Canada to the States and get caught and arrested at the airport, am I being wrongfully detained by the American government?

    Just wanted to check my facts and whatnot

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