1. Liberals (or _Traitors_ I’d prefer) are more worried about foreigners who cut in line, than they are about Americans. Sad.


    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 whats funny was it was republikkkans who tried to overthrow the elections but “liberals are traitors” he needs to GTFOH with that horse sh*t🤣🤦🤣🤦

    3. @Shy Humphreys – The DNC succeeded in rigging the primaries against Sanders TWICE. So who’s to say they didn’t rig the general in 2020?

    1. This was done, to break all their cultural heritage”. to reinforce white culture was dominant. Native Culture” was insufficient.

    1. Technically, it wasn’t illegal. However, the official, recorded goal was to eradicate them. Just attempted genocide, nothing to see here, folks.

    2. @Tammy Tate in California and other states it was illegal and many native people took Spanish last names to hide the fact that they were native or so I read

    1. I think the discovery of unmarked graves in Canada is what may have made our government investigate our native American boarding schools here.

    2. @Shannon Johnson Some of us have known about our own American atrocities against the Native Americans in the “Christian“ boarding schools for a very long time. I’m sure I learned it in school, it left a huge impact on me.

  1. I worked and lived in Tuba City, AZ for 6 years and witnessed horrific scenes of children being dropped off at a boarding school running after their relatives driving away while they screamed and cried. It was heartbreaking. The school personnel never came out of the school to comfort or assist the distressed children.

  2. How is it so easy for some people to hurt & even torture children over & over year after year?? You who are guilty will atone for what you did to child after child!

    1. It’s easy” when your culturally arrogant ! thinking your culture, is superior. to all others”. so everyone must assimilate to yours”. When it’s clearly not.

  3. This has been a huge issue in Canada as well. Both the Canadian and US governments must hold the Catholic Church to account. The Church will put up a huge resistance but we must continue our efforts to get the history of the boarding schools in the US and the residential schools known.

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