1. The sooner Putin is removed from power, the sooner this is all over. Hundreds of people are dying every day that goes by and nothing is done. God bless President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people. They deserve all the help they ask for. The world needs to take action, not just send money and weapons.

    1. @Peezie Forestem How can it be any worse than this now? Than Russia invading Syria? Russia invading Chechnya? Obliterating each of these countries?

    2. Yes…finally some common sense. Just put a stop to this fighting. Together we are stronger ,lets send in our troops! CLOSE THE SKIES…and chase them back over the border.

    1. Does NATO have a magic switch or something? NATO would bomb Ukraine to the ground engaging Russia’s army. NATO ends wars, it doesn’t stop them.

    2. Yes. Nato should include every single nation in its rank. And if any country than wages war on some other country rest of the world will come to stop them. If only rules, laws and regulations had this all mighty power. Than Russia for example would respect the deals they had in recent years.

  2. Judging based on the quote given by the host, I don’t think Zelenskyy referred to NATO, but rather to the UN. And he’s obviously right about the UN – it’s an organization that was meant to prevent such wars, and the way it is built makes it impossible for it to achieve its target.
    NATO was never meant to “prevent wars”, it was meant to prevent wars against its member states (and, if prevention isn’t possible, to win those wars).

    1. To all who are reading this, keep safe, don’t lose heart, and stay strong. 2022 can be endured with resilience. During these turbulent times there is still hope in the middle of the fear. There are hopeful news, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16. I just want to let everyone know that Jesus loves you with a passion more than you can imagine. He gave his life so you can be free and greatly cares for you.
      If you’ve got pain
      He’s a pain taker
      If you feel lost
      He’s a waymaker
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      He’s a prison shaking savior
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      He’s a chain breaker.

      Don’t let your heart be troubled.
      I wish everyone the best day

    2. @DrumtotheBass Woop There will only be world peace if they add all nuclear countries to that. But more specifically the bigger ones like Russia, India, Pakistan, and China. Without those Nations in NATO any friction between those and NATO still pose a nuclear war.

    3. Unfortunately when the USSR back then requested to join NATO they were declined. Imagine NATO with Russia as an ally.

    4. @oliver green yeah those nukes are only preventing other nuclear countries from using them on each other, like American couldn’t have stopped the war even if they mentioned nukes, I think

  3. She is focusing on NATO when she should be talking about the deficiencies of the United Nations. Zelensky is asking for a better UN. NATO is a defense treaty he could not be a part of because of history and geopolitical reasons. This conflict is in the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

    1. @John Patrick The UN isnt ment to be a either a military force or police force. Its a forum for dialogue, support and investigation. People need to understand what the UN is therefore before they start criticising it.

    2. @Stephen Well, they can call up peacekeeping forces from all of it’s members, but you’re right, they aren’t a true political or military institution.
      Their resolutions only carry as much weight as each individual country puts on it.
      Same goes for the ICC and the Hague; they hold no power over act country that isn’t a signatory. Neither Russia nor the U.S. is subject to them or their findings and sentences.

  4. its not just for Ukraine its for stopping aggression in the world. its for ending tyrants willingness to destroy any country that they may aim for.

    1. Traditional MLK / JFK liberal here (NOT a progressive as I see no inconsistency bt liberalism and patriotism / nationalism – neither did JFK – I dig on Sammie actually). Anywho, given Putin is sending Syrian fighters to UKR – anyone think it might be a good idea to CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BOARDER AS MATTER of NAT SECURITY? Remember 9/11? That happens on our watch – and terrorists or mercenaries funded by Putin or his underwriter the CCP get in because traditional liberals in Dem party who love USA and believe in values of western individualism foolishly caved to the insane religious dogma of the hard left in matters of National Security (open boarders / white hate being not just taught but INDOCTRINATED into US military (hey Progressives – real liberals open LAWS not BOARDERS)) – and a strike happens again – Trump wins 2024 and 2028 guaranteed and Republicans basically rule forever. Could we PLEASE – at least in areas of National Security – DUMP the insane religious dogma of hard left and stop their clear pro CCP geo global power agenda (good idea to be alienating Saudi Arabia right now?))? Does it bother anyone these authoritarian neo-marxists all seem to have materialized out of “elite” universities awash in tens of MILLIONS of $$$ of CCP cash? – buying what exactly?

    2. @edmundo oliver Shout up. When America and its NATO invaded Libya and killed the great African leader called Muammar Ghaddafi you didn’t see what was wrong. America also killed innocent civilians in Libya. Women and children were killed at the pleasure of NATO. Why? Because Muammar Ghaddafi was a threat to NATO.

    1. Did Clinton, Bush Snr and Bush Jr Obama paid for invasion of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and killing of thousands of civilians using drones? Surprised to see people have no insight into their Leaders who lie and baited by their populace

    2. Are you and your kids ready to die for it .. Price is to fawking high .
      Don’t listen to the bias zmedia pushing false hopes .. This war in all intensive purposes is over. Russia has met their objectives ..

  5. The man has a right to be mad at the situation. Everyone is helping as much as they can without further provocation which could lead to thousands of more deaths in Ukraine, Europe, and other parts of the world. It’s a complicated situation and hasty decisions could lead to catastrophic results. They are working behind the scenes. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. “Without provocation….” it might be the legal explanation for holding back..,but there has only one party been provoking here.And that party also started this,all by itself. So why play by the existing rules any longer? Putin doesnt follow any!! So first stop him,and then make some new rules.But first :stop this attack…in any way you can,asap.

    2. Just imagine it was you getting bombed.in your house. And the World would give you weapons,but no real help fighting. And you would receive standing ovations,and everybody thinks you are really brave,and says you are heroes. But they dont even give you much needed airsupport..while your neighbours or family or little children are dying around you. ..it is just a shame. Send in NATO troops,let those professionals do the fighting,…not just Ukrainian civilians.But as far as i see,those civilians have way bigger balls than most military personnel..Clearly.

    3. @Dark Horseman why would Putin EVER go nuclear?that is his ONLY bargaining chip!and it only is effective when its threatened with. Not if you really go do it.Then it is of no value whatsoever…So ,fat chance that will ever be his best option. Okay,he might want to go out with a big bang and commit suicide by pushing the nuclear missile button.But that is,and has ALWAYS been a real possibility,if he wanted to do that….doesnt matter what NATO does,and if its provoked or not. So …NATO,stop being reasonable,go bezerk and crush Putin,asap!

  6. People are focused on NATO — an organization that promises defense for only NATO countries. However, President Zelensky is talking about promises made to Ukraine when the country left the Soviet Union. Ukraine offered to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for acknowledgement of their sovereignty and protection against any aggression, especially nuclear threats. The Budapest Memorandum was signed in 1994 by President Leonid Kravchuk (Ukraine), President Clinton (USA), Prime Minister John Majors (Great Britain), and, ironically, President Boris Yeltsin (Russian Federation). It was a good faith document, but apparently not legally binding. Check it out.

    1. @Duke Craig No country in nor out if NATO has as large and powerful a notary as the US — not just out of NATO members. What’s your point?

    2. Ukraine itself did not make any nuclear weapon. It was the Soviet Union effort that put nuclear weapons to Ukraine so once the Soviet Union failed the strongest country of the Soviet Union who is Russia took them back.

    3. @Lester Buckman how did they give up on them, they have no treaty to be protected, and Russia literally invaded. How people spin this as anything other then Russias fault makes me laugh, Russia comes up with all kinds of bullshit excuses to do what it does, just like with Chechneya and Georgia, all different reasons yet all the same tactic meaning they would do it anyway

    4. @David Stevenson Russia never had any right to say a sovereign country, regardless of where they are located can or cannot join. Gorbachev said there was never such agreement.

  7. I understand the need for a treaty organization to extend its resources to those who are members. Doesn’t this also make a target of those nations who are not members? There must be a failsafe method of collectively assisting those nations, when attacked such as Ukraine has been attacked.

    1. I hope that the free world’s unified reaction, and the resulting effects on Russia will show the next evil leader just where that will take them. If this does not happen, we can all begin to REALLY worry.

    2. That is the UN role, they should have sent peace keepers and be in charge of the humanitarian corridors etc… but it’s not working, exactly as Zelenskiy said

    3. @irishkazolotse If Russia had ever honored any of the cease-fires they had agreed to so far – and halted the shelling of humanitarian corridors – maybe that could have happened. UN peacekeepers do not engage in others’ warfare.

  8. I don’t understand why a journalist would ask somebody to divulge private information about strategy on air after they already said they wouldn’t. wtf.

    1. She said she knew he couldn’t confirm. That seems like she knew he was going to say no but wanted him to admit it. She led the question.

    2. @Dark Horseman I mean they can’t hold a candle to the dumpster fire that is Fox News, but for the most part, yeah.

  9. The reporter is insisting on asking for security information – this is not a caring or respectful stance in my view. Support security don’t sabotage it.

    1. Because these journalist thinks that journalism is about good information. Unfortunately, this are sensitive information that needs to be protected. These are our defense systems,

    2. I totally agree. The reporter was aggressive and Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg was as clear as he needed to be. Her provocative tone was inappropriate.

    3. @Michele Harvey May I remark that Jens Stoltenberg is far better trained and suited for his job than the reporter?
      Asking the wrong questions to the wrong person, doesn’t do CNN any good.
      Russia has to firmly control and censure its media. The US do not have to, that tells a lot, doesn’t it?

  10. You wouldn’t let Ukraine in Nato years ago, sir. They gave up their nuclear weapons with the promise of protection and more advanced protection is necessary immediately !!

    1. Like a lot of the nuclear arsenal of the former USSR, the weapons were merely SITED in Ukraine (Kazakhstan and other puppet countries too) but they were actually controlled from Moscow. Ukraine has never been an independent nuclear state as such, they were probably glad to see the back of ’em.

    2. Should have jumped in the moment indiscriminate fire was used against Kharkiv. Honestly should have taken a stand in Syria. A confrontation with nuclear armed despot is inevitable, why not do it now at the peak of power

  11. finally someone who understands that you shouldn’t broadcast every detail ( the NATO chief that is ), and this reporter is not the brightest because she keeps asking about all the specific defensive weapon details… like ugh.. yes broadcast our entire defence details… Of course not, Jesus!! Reporters have to stop treating this war as entertainment like it’s some action movie. Thankfully not all reporters re like this.

    1. You are missing the point. There is no plan. NATO is making things up as they go. Zelensky is right to call BS.

    2. i know … it’s been really reckless disclosing everything that’s being done etc
      i actually sent a message to cnn telling them to stop that

    3. No “sensitive” information is being revealed. Russian intelligence agencies are aware of much more than these fluffy interviews could ever reveal. Maybe America could strip even more civil liberties away from her citizens, and restrict what commercial news/entertainment businesses can say. Works for Putin!

    4. American “news” media is a for-profit entertainment business. Not an objective public information charity. Don’t be naive.

  12. Zelensky is right, but it has to start with removing veto rights of the permanent five at the UN security council

  13. The guy just needs to say that he doesn’t give a hoot about Ukraine and that whether they die or not isn’t his responsibility… That’s exactly what he means, right?

    1. The guy probably feels awful about not being able to do more but he is doing his best to keep as many people alive as possible. The fact is if NATO went in all guns blazing millions of people would probably die

  14. Perhaps Ukraine should not have been encouraged to fight if they aren’t getting the support that would help stop this war. Taking half measures may result in worse war later on.

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