‘NATO is in a coma’: Ukrainian MP says western nations ‘could help Ukraine much more’

'NATO is in a coma': Ukrainian MP says western nations 'could help Ukraine much more' 1


    1. Ukraine should have been smart and (1) not tied itself in any way to the corrupt Biden clan; and (2) realized its position being between rival powers and thus should have been fiercely independent and not leaning towards either.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis Absolutely! Is Biden’s drug addict son still there in useless possition ? 😉

    1. Understandable but a dumb take, a no fly zone = world war 3. We all feel helpless but a no fly zone is not the right call.

  1. What a senseless war. Their will be so much loss of life all which could have been prevented

  2. NATO had no issues defending Kuwait from Saddam in 1990, even though they weren’t a NATO member. I guess if you don’t have oil, you’re on your own. Absolutely disgusting.

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