NATO Leaders Warn That China Is Poising A Military Threat | MSNBC 1

NATO Leaders Warn That China Is Poising A Military Threat | MSNBC


Andrea Mitchell, reporting from Geneva ahead of the Biden-Putin summit there, is joined by Richard Haass and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon to preview that summit and wrap the major developments from the NATO summit, including a message from the U.S. and it's allies that China is posing a growing military threat to the alliance.

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NATO Leaders Warn That China Is Poising A Military Threat | MSNBC


  1. Perhaps the person who wrote the title meant posing, China is posing a…threat; not “poising”.

    1. no its called hegelian dialectic … they love word trickery and controlling the narritive… spin doctors weaving our demise

    2. Some ppl struggle with the English language… if you don’t understand the title perhaps I’m referring to you

  2. What about the Audit ? How about the the other states ? When are you gonna report real NEWS ? You guys are getting closer to the unemployment line everyday .

    1. @Mark 15Vintage Well sweety, your party is using taxpayer money for a sham audit because your party is trying to subvert democracy. That should concern every reasonable person. Then next time there is a state-wide emergency, they will cry that they don’t have the money to handle it.

      Cool grade school insult there, by the way. I think I will call you a repugnicunt.

    2. @Bazooka Joe except you cultists are fighting so hard against it. How strange? Don’t want to uncover the cheating ?

    3. @Samuel Khasin it’s only a sham audit when dems “win”. Don’t pretend to care about tax payer money after muh russia muh Ukraine

  3. Yeah and we are stuck with Mumbles the Clown as pretender in chief. He’s so terrifying
    God help us and God Bless Corn Pop.

    1. Trump wasn’t able to get this in motion with G7 countries. Guess being a diplomatic buffoon does have consequences to national security. In fact, everything done so far during Biden’s presidency poses a greater threat to China’s military expansion than anything Trump did in four years. You think China cared that we taxed some of their imports a bit more?

    2. @thumbob Look up how many foreign military bases and ports China secured from 2016 to 2020. They’re also burrowed into Africa’s infrastructure even more than they were before Trump.

      He was never the threat to China that most people thought he was.

    3. @WaxPaper Oh yes I am sure they are shaking in their boots at the way he falls up stairs and forgets what he’s talking about mid sentence.

    1. @Jordan Carpenter Biden just lifted a bunch of Trump’s sanctions against Russia, making them millions. Biden is obviously the puppet here.

    2. @Jordan Carpenter I’ve noticed you like to repeat yourself over and over on false information. You must be so proud……. goofball

  4. Ohhh but I thought it was Biden himself that said in response to China being a threat to the US: “C’mon man!”

  5. Anyone else remember when Biden was making fun of the idea that China is a threat during his campaign?
    No? Just me?

  6. Put enough zer0s in there and Biden is more than happy to talk. Otherwise he’s a patriot and lifetime long politician.

  7. If you guys provoked CHINA THE KING then be prepared for another round of coughing and shortness of breath. (Biowar)

  8. Remember when joe called Putin a killer , now he want to cover that up because he going to meet him

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