Navalny’s Wife Could Be The ‘De Facto Leader’ Of His Movement, Michael McFaul Predicts | MTP Daily


    1. He can arrest dozens even hundreds ….but when tens of thousands….. , it becomes a problem thats what it will take in that country …. and maybe ours as well .

      peaceful protest doesn’t mean not disrupting…
      for any group to enact any real change they have to make a Substantial disruption to …

      well lets not give the nut jobs idea’s shall we ?

    1. @Eric Klaus did you ever notice that Trump was president for FOUR YEARS, he fired whoever he didn’t like, he filled all the top positions with his own people, he accused many people of many things, he had them all investigated, and was never able to produce a single sliver of evidence for anything that would back up all of his lies and accusations?

      Did you ever notice that not a single Republican cared about Biden and Ukraine at the time it was happening, and didn’t actually start caring until Biden announced he was running for president?

      Everything Trump does is for show. He is a liar and a fraud, and has been the whole time. People wrote books about it long before Trump ran for office.

      Denying reality won’t work anymore.

  1. The Russian people are trying to remove a dictator. On January 6, Trump’s insurrectionists tried to install a dictator. They failed.
    The American people stand with the Russian people. 👍👍 THE RESISTANCE LIVES!!!

    1. Well said! 👏👏 America THANKFULLY kicked Trump’s stupid A$$ out the Russian people can do it too!

  2. Hey, whatever happened to responding to that Russian attack on our security systems back when that last president was whining all day about losing the election? 🤔
    Oh that’s right. He did nothing. 🙄

    1. what should he have done, you slack-jawed cretin? start WW3? as if we dont do the same thing to russian computers!

    2. Wake up fool. The USA has slipped out almost 10years ago that they will support the rioters in HK and the rioters in Russia to destabilise both of these nations. I have the proof of this, please check out the latest video I have uploaded

  3. Putin the cruel & vindictive has tried breaking Alexie, killing him by the most heinous means possible… now he wants to destroy an obviously sick man in a labout camp

    1. YOU sound like a senseless parrot who got all the above from CNN. what a nincompoop without any sense or logic of his own

    2. Stop being brainwashed by the same media that lied Iraq had WMD. The protests in Russia have been planned by the USA to destabilise Russia, just like Navalny is being used by the USA to destabilise Russia. Check out the latest video uploaded by me to see the proof.

  4. Russiabots, seems that Alexei Navalny is working on replacing Putin. If that happens and your paychecks stop, you and your cousins that hacked our government’s computers, will be out of work. Just wanted to say thanks for all the insightful comments and time you have devoted to social media here.

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