Navarro: I call bull. Trump never represented GOP values 1

Navarro: I call bull. Trump never represented GOP values


CNN Republican political commentators Ana Navarro and Alice Stewart debate whether there should still be support for Republicans who backed President Donald Trump's rhetoric that led to the insurrection at the US Capitol.

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    1. They have morals and values, but not the kind they claimed to have. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

    2. ERASING THE UIGOURS, the man’s name was George Floyd, shows how much you care about racial injustices. The rest is bullshit. 97% of the demonstrations were peaceful. This was an insurrection designed to subvert a legitimate election inflamed by lies and rhetoric of a lame duck president who wanted to be a dictator. This was an attempted coup, that might have resulted in the execution of Representatives, Senators and even the vice president. If you cannot discern the difference there is something wrong with you.

    1. The military will support President Joe Biden. All who are armed in the streets of America on the eve of the inauguration will be deemed terrorists and arrested or shot. As they should be. ENEMIES TO AMERICA

    2. Wow! That is a really powerful statement! And the answer to that is because Al Qaeda are brown; proud boys are white.

    3. Al Qaeda isn’t White people.
      Remember the Oregan standoff? And that was in no way, the first and only time that has happened.
      There are levels of White supremacy that is always overlooked. Lincoln gave back the South to the Confederates. What more evidence does anyone need to see that White nationist know they will be respected by the government, even as they become the terrorist attacking (in) the government because they are the government. They are (in) the police. They are your neighbors.

    4. @the george washington We all are but democrats think they don’t because CNN is there father and will guide them through AHAHAHA

    1. @Ronnie Lola the republican partys actions are always evil greed driven white power. You can’t be a nazi and claim youre the one good one

    2. @Ronnie Lola definitely correct, but there are a very distinguishable group of people who gravitate towards that party. With exceptions of course. There’s always exceptions

    3. @Willingson Green  Bull Sh** Anna!!! Trump 100% reflected the GOP Values! Only difference was that Trump was too Oblivious/Narcissistic to hide it! TRUMP ISN’T THE ONLY PROBLEM ABOUT THE GOP! Donald is just a symptom of the problem the GOP embodies.

    1. They think the ends justify the means.
      Selling out all their values because they might be able to refuse service to gay couples, might be able to ban abortions (which I’ll never understand), tax cuts for the rich (and no doubt most of those that voted for him don’t receive).

      It’s appalling that Republicans sold out their values for trump.

    2. @Richard Hudson They wanted his Twitter followers, I guess that’s worth debasing yourself and values, right?

    1. yeah sure in whatever world you came from. I guess this one time when 99 percent were actually peacful gave you a buzz when you could finally say look it’s not democrats inciting murder and violence it’s trump. lol so sad what mental illness does to people. it is called trump derangement it has been poisoning you for 4 years given to you by hateful fake media and democrats. congrats you think inside the box only and can not be objective to your false leaders.

  1. Ana Navarro is a breath of fresh air. I love her straight talk, the way she calls out Repukes with passion, intelligence and FACTS.

    1. Thats an idependent, theres no such thing republicans anymore their anti democrats. The ones who could call themselfs repubs gave that up when they bent to the will of outsiders and sold their souls/party.

  2. Stewart basically said, “They’re monster, but we should still embrace them in order to maintain power. So, still, party over country.” That’s very telling.

  3. Alice Stewart: “There are still hard-core supporters of him that the party needs to take into the fold.” In other words, given a choice between returning to American values and keeping the base happy, the Republican party chooses the later.

  4. Navarro’s every word is gold on a silver platter. She’s about values, when Stewart is just about politics.

  5. “I don’t define myself by this man, I define myself as an American who put’s morality and decency over any policy.” –Ana Navarro

    1. She literally could not make one good point to back herself up…..Even went as far as claiming he was ‘Strong fiscally’ which is laughable! People like Alice have seen the tide turn & don’t want to made outcasts on the main stage….oh & of course $$$$

  6. “The secret of freedom is educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.” – Robespierre

  7. “The party will survive long after this president” LMAO. The GOP is dead. Trump will take half the party away from them. Democrats will rule for many years to come.

    1. I agree. Once Texas turns and it likely will in 2022 and 2024, it’s more or less over for them. And I for one couldn’t be more pleased.

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