NBC Jan. 6 Poll Shows ‘How Successfully Trump’ Has Rewritten Narrative

Chuck Todd breaks down the new NBC poll on the January 6th attack and says "these numbers show just how successfully Trump and his allies appear to have rewritten the narrative surrounding that awful day."

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NBC Jan. 6 Poll Shows 'How Successfully Trump' Has Rewritten Narrative


    1. Just because he hasn’t been reinstated doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be how’s your HR one bill going how’s Afghanistan going how’s the Border going how’s inflation going how is your getting everyone vaccinated going just curious

    2. @Billy Pardew BWAHAHA Afganistan was Repub Bushes war. How long did u want to stay there, Get vaccinated Gramps

  1. Former Guy, 2017: “I stand by nothing.” OMG! He said something that is totally true that still “STANDS” in 2021, “NOTHING.”

    1. @Bay 17
      Trump lost.
      The presidency and a third of his dad’s wealth.
      How’s the weather in Canada gramps? 🌧😂

    2. @B. T. President Trump is the *REAL LEADER* of the United States of America.

      What are you talking about? Not Joe “fake president” Biden

    1. @Bay 17 Trump is the one that owes China 211 million dollars, Trump is the one that paid more taxes to China than the U.S. Trump is the one that tried to influence China to interfere in our elections on his behalf. What was that you were saying again? oh just projecting are you got it. Anything you accuse Biden of Trump has done 50 times worse. Now run along and send Trump a check or he won’t love you anymore

    2. @Bay 17 how’s trump’s china bank account doing these days .he like paying china taxes .just not America.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply OK were is it, why can’t I find it, why did I find a statement by the FBI saying that no such thing ever happened, that they still have Trump as a subject of interest.

  2. Forget these polls. It’s time for investigators and, eventually, courts to weigh in. And I hope they’re not at all swayed by a poorly informed public tweeting into an information vacuum.

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