1. Majority of Congress and the Senate are men…. So why do they get to dictate what a woman can do with her body. A decision like that should be made by a woman and her doctor and no one else.

    1. Hillary had her chance. Maybe senile Joe will kick the bucket and KH will be the next president and you can stfu about gender politics

    2. @Leslie Sanger The polls show that there’s not a very big gender divide on the abortion issue. If there was, you can bet your sweet a… that MSNBC would cover it. MSNBC only puts out information that reinforces their narrative

    3. @PACT Mom Since the maternal mortality rate is so high in Texas, it is her body being killed, when she’s forced to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term.

    1. That has no affect on rapists & all those loving Texas father’s , brother’s & male relatives … Zoe , Canada

    2. @Reg G No, it’s because your lack of understanding has lead you to believe in stupid causes and stupider logical falsehoods. You need to start with grade school biology then work your way up to modern medical procedures. No wonder you folks think men can be women. Which in turn makes women’s rights utterly rhetorical. I may be a juggalo but you folks are the real clowns.

  2. Either it’s a right, with some limits (as it has been for near 50 years) or it isn’t. We can’t have some states saying it is and some saying not. I think the Supreme Court got it right with Roe.

    1. @RANCOROUS SLOPPY JOE & HOE ! Oh yes it does. Murder is a legal term, and your opinion doesn’t carry enough weight to make abortion “murder”. I do understand your opinion and I understand that I’m not going to change your opinion.

    2. @RANCOROUS SLOPPY JOE & HOE ! Since an embryo or fetus is not human, abortion kills no human *QED abortion is not murder* ! As the other person wrote, if you’re against abortion, don’t have one. But don’t tell others what risks they must take.

    3. @Deborah Freedman If a fetus is not human, why is it called a human fetus? You really need to stop watching tabloid media and actually READ A MEDICAL TEXTBOOK.

    4. @RANCOROUS SLOPPY JOE & HOE ! That is your belief not a fact. until a fetus can live on its own outside the womb its not an independent life its a parasite on its host. one that can cause everything from loosing teeth to death.
      my belief is in reincarnation so any fetus will find a more suitable family rather then being an unwanted unloved neglected burden. but that doesnt give me the right to drag unfit parents in to have an abortion and be fixed. Your belief would force women be be walking incubators at the risk of their own health and life. So why does your belief trump mine?

    1. @RANCOROUS SLOPPY JOE & HOE ! You don’t get to make someone’s biggest life decisions for them and it’s vile of you to think you should have that power. And also keep in mind that making abortions illegal does NOT stop abortions from being performed. When you say abortion is wrong and it should be illegal all the time, all you are really saying is that you prefer babies be stabbed with coat hangers and thrown into back alley dumpsters. You really want to go back to when abortions were done illegally? We had that already, for a very very very long time, abortions were completely illegal and yet they were performed every single day in this country. Know your history and you would know that you are actually advocating for evil.

  3. Sorry I’m going to make sense. If this poll is true, then we should just leave it the way it is and let the person who is pregnant decide.

    1. @Lance Dub-u: Because it sounded like you were saying we should set policy based on polls. “If this poll is true, then we should just leave it the way it is”.

    2. @Reason because the poll says people are split primarily 50/50. Most of the laws are for the woman to have the choice.

    3. @Lance Dub-u _”I’ve come to the conclusion 80-90% of the population is unreasonable”_ – Maybe not quite that high, but I completely understand why you would think that.

  4. Yet they have no problem with the hundreds and hundreds of hysterectomies that were done to completely healthy women, without their consent, in ICE detainment centers in Texas, Puerto Rico and Georgia under the Trump administration.
    THAT…..they say is perfectly OK.

    1. Right wing disinformation troll. Ignore. Or else it will vandalize your discussion page. Disable your discussion page or this troll will vandalize it. You’ve been warned…..

    2. Right wing disinformation troll that disabled its own discussion page. You better disable your discussion pages people, or this thing will vandalize it. You’ve been warned

  5. I think the Republicans may rue the day ……….certainly some Republican voting women in Texas , as well as elsewhere , will change their preference at the ballot box based on this decision alone …

    1. There are laws that dictate behaviors for the health and well being of the whole nation, like smoking designation or restrictions. Like not drinling and driving, or wearing masks in public (not a law but good practice).

      The law doesn’t prevent tattoos, sergical augmentations, or forced canser tratment. But there is a law of assisted suicide.

      That being said, abortion is a personal choice between a women and her doctore. It should not be made public or impead on such a personal matter.

  6. There is abortion in the Bible explained in great detail in fact. Not a bad word said about it. Stated the matter-of-factly. Up until Jerry Falwell and his horde of insane maniacs transformed these people. abortion was not on their radar.

  7. OUTRAGEOUS, MY BODY MY CHOICE! In Canada abortion are legal at any stage and it is covered by Canada for all health insurance. Canada is a civilized country and woman are free to chose.

  8. The Tyranny of the Minority. The Republicans love the Taliban so much, they installed their own “Texas Taliban”…

    1. No. Just the minority made up the majority in the country’s highest judiciary body. Too bad America have to put up with them for life.

  9. I bet this law crushing female rights gave the Female Afghani’s that are running away from the Taliban Patriarchy something to think about – Out of the Pot into the Fire..

  10. WOW, just try substituting “drowning puppies” for Abortion and see what happens. Oh yeah, how about calling what it really is “murdering babies”

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