NBC News Poll: Trump's Favorability Wanes After Almost 100 Days Out Of Office | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

NBC News Poll: Trump’s Favorability Wanes After Almost 100 Days Out Of Office | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News' Carrie Dann discusses former President Trump's favorability in NBC News' new poll.

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NBC News Poll: Trump's Favorability Wanes After Almost 100 Days Out Of Office | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Over 100 police were injured and 2 cops were killed while Trump sat back and watched it happen. The fact he’s still popular with the GOP speaks to their moral depravity.

    1. @Justin Bradburn on January 15 officer Jeffrey Smith commited suicide due to the pshycological effects of the riot, on January 9th officer Howard liebengood also took his own life. Offucer Brian Sicknick was killed by a stroke that was brought on by injuries he received during the riot including being sprayed with bear spray, 140 were injured and thise injuries included broken ribs, stab wounds, and head injuries. THATS NOT NATURAL

    2. @Mike Hall So Republicans demand an investigation and if Democrats say no then Republicans storm the Capitol and attack police officers. And it’s all the Democrats fault because they didn’t give Republicans what they wanted (to put their minds at rest).

      Have you considered joining the mafia? You’d fit right in.

    3. @CJ K the medical examiners concluded he died from an allergic reaction to being sprayed in the face with bear spray by the republican terrorists

  2. Favorability ratings for April:
    Finding someone’s hair in your food = 40%
    Having a pigeon poop on you = 34%
    t’rump = 32%

    1. @J W Let me take a wild guess who you think paid for the msnbc poll… Hugo Chavez.
      Ok Sidney Powell you “crackpot” lawyer, we know that’s you with that JW fake initials.

    1. @Rusty Shackleford
      I was thinking that Repugs are all like dead gnats, squashed on an elephants rear end!

    1. Lmfao!! msnbc poll? Geez let me guess who paid for the poll, what demographics were used, how many were a part of the poll, the area, determine if they were paid or not and if the information is actually verifiable..
      Yeah, the real poll is..100% of liberals are easily manipulated…

    1. @Ray vogel; I would be inclined to go along with you on most of his crimes, but I think AG Garland will show America that the criminal psychopaths coup attemp,t and incited insurrection really does add up to something.

    2. Why would want to punish prisoners already suffering with Trump going to prison. Mar-A-Lago is Prison enough as Trump empire crumbles and the GOP do their song and dance disappointing routine.

    3. @Mac Mcleod They should really get started on at least a couple of the ongoing lawsuits – surely they must be ready by now? E Jean Carrol (they need his DNA) and Summer Zervos cases have been in the pipeline for a while. He needs to be held accountable for something, ANYTHING, while other cases are being investigated.

  3. He’s losing points with his base because he isn’t at the podium screaming hate everyday. Millions would be dead and the country would be in a state of chaos if Trump were leading the show.

    1. Trump wanted Marshall Law to be instated and he didn’t care how many people were killed on Jan 6th in order to achieve it.

    2. @Jenella Budge everyone have secrets, one way or the other, every single politician have what I call back door deals, how do you think they are mostly all millionaires, it’s definitely not there yearly salary, a politician wife or spouse have some kind of business affiliation in which they receive taxpayer funds, inside tradings, the list goes on and on, so what is the difference between trump and his wife, only a 4 year term president, when we have life long politician that have accomplished one thing only to become filthy rich, all politician are just in there for power and above all to become millionaires, trump is nothing compared to thousands of politicians.

    3. @Mr. Bee Biden cabinet is turning a blind eye on that one, in which we all know there is plenty of dirty deals.

  4. You can see that irredeemable chunk of people that Hilary warned us about. That leak may have been insensitive in the middle of a campaign but she was SPOT ON. There’s a good chunk of people that are beyond hope of rehabilitation.

    1. @Tami Wollander I hear you. I am not beating my chest here, its an uphill battle for me, too. But one thing this particular friend and I agreed to, today, was that one thing we ALL have to do (as a nation) is to do what we did today: We DISAGREED on alot of things, but we didn’t ARGUE, noone got MAD, no one called NAMES. We were adults about it. And so we were able to keep talking. And if you keep talking to anyone long enough, you start to have an impact on each other, that is just inevitable.
      At the end, we got to immigration, and found we agreed on almost everything, and suddenly I found a subject he was very NOT polarized on – he had a VERY level head there – he said he didn’t blame any President for how they handled immigration, because it’s almost impossible to handle. He was extremely open minded there, same guy who is really closed minded elsewhere. So keep talking till you get to the easier parts, and suddenly both sides see you are NOT these POLAR OPPOSITE ENEMIES on ALL SUBJECTS. Coming to common ground comes after that.
      I believe Civil Discourse is literally the ONLY thing Joe Public has to learn to do again, to get us out of this. Call me naive, but we will see.
      I am doing my part.

    2. @The _Awakening if you’re so for people’s choices, you have no right to speak for other people’s reasons for voting for Hilary. I know many who voted for her because they liked her and because they wanted to see a woman president

    3. @Freight Train yes, Thankyou so true, soo needed. I have tried with this one friend. We did find some common ground, but then he keeps reverting back to the steal and cancel culture bs. Acht!!! Pulling my hair out!

    4. @The _Awakening
      Well, that’s a lot. Look I’m not looking to argue. The problem that has been existing, is when were disgusting one topic let’s say Trump, his supporters will always deflect and never answer the question at hand, and I feel I’m going that direction now.
      Deflecting does not solve anything it only create animosity from the other side. As I was saying, he has told thousands and thousands of lies, that fact checkers were constantly debunking, you can Google it or look it up yourself. I cannot produce them, there’s just too many. With that said that’s on you, to look up the truth or stay in the dark.
      2nd. You did say to vote for someone else or even yourself?! I said, that was ridiculous, which it is. You can’t win an election voting that way. If people did that you would be giving the person you didn’t want in office, an opportunity to be voted in. That’s why there’s one top person from each party, and people vote between the two. Biden was not my choice. I’m not saying Democrats are perfect or even better, well maybe yes a little, the lesser evil of the two during this election cycle. That’s why many Republicans voted for Biden, not because they loved him, but because he was better than Trump.
      3rd. As if you would look back in trumps past you would see how evil of a man he was, even without politics involved. I’m gonna say it again, presidents always show their taxes before office, he did not. He lied about it because he had a reason to hide it, plain and simple. Since New York got his taxes. I’m sure we will see the truth very soon in the coming year.
      4th. As for politics on both sides, I feel there is an extreme amount of corruption. I feel that we need to have term limits, with every level of Government, to stop the corruption and power that they crave so dearly.
      5th. Let’s go with another scam, “big lie”to cause chaos in our elections. After losing Arizona, three recounts, two by hand and no fraud was found. Even Republicans agreed to it, and signed off, but look at what is happening now. Some Q anon company, that has no experience in ballots, is running a fourth “audit” with in Secret, no one is allowed to watch. So guess what, they will find something wrong “ fraud” can’t wait for that. I know it’s coming. Just to keep the big lie going, and Trump did say he would never lose to Biden, which he did and his ego cannot handle it. It would not change the election anyways, but here we are. It’s part of the “Coup” that he won’t let go of.
      5th. Just a little back story, I have family members that believed all of Trumps lies, and it was really hard to deal with. I decided to research the truth, so I can debunk the lies being told and fed to them, it’s been exhausting and time-consuming.
      6th. I only care about our democracy, that was at stake and we almost lost it.
      If we don’t stand up to this, the next con man may succeed.
      7th. I’m totally fine, with debates just not delusions, and there are a lot of it on YouTube and other platforms. When it’s really easy to look for the truth and be debunked. My Second job has been to become an investigative journalist per se, and not by choice.
      8th. I can admit if I’m wrong, and also if I don’t like what Biden is doing. That’s how it should be for anyone that has power in office.

    5. @Darnell Jankins , well you know the old saying “You Can Not Fix Stupid” and that applies big time in your case.

  5. Trump isn’t just on the wrong side of American history, he’s on the wrong side of humanity.

  6. Hopefully, that favorability rating will sink even further as we will not soon forget his damaging legacy as the Insurrectionist-In-Chief. If the GOP has any reason or sense left, it will quickly sever any future association with this toxic individual.

    1. @Your Mom
      Yes that’s what I said… Reality in your dreams…. A lot of people have trouble separating reality from fantasy. People that live in a prison could not carry out the duties of the presidency so that completely rules out what you are saying besides even when he was in the White House he did more golfing then he did trying to run the country. And failed at that miserably
      As of now there have been no charges but believe it there coming. Justice moves slow and even slower when they are exploring every avenue to a air tight case. Do you really think there will be no accountability to all these politicians?
      People that live in a fantasy world are usually dangerous to themselves and others. Just a observation. And that’s what the Rep. Party is trying to do… They live in there own fantasy world.

  7. Why are we still talking about a traitor If we need to then let’s call him what he is instead of someone of importance

  8. Yes several of my Republican friends including ourselves decided to vote the unlikely candidate out of our own party.

    1. Why was he even considered as a candidate in the first place? He was already in deep trouble with the Trump U scandal…. and all republicans knew that.

    2. Tone deaf. Republican leaders do not allow you to think and reason independently. They want all Republicans to say and do as we do. They are crashing for a lot of reasons and this is a big one. They are old and outdated and the younger voters are turned off by it. They still fly their banner of principles but in reality they’ve forgotten them. If you don’t follow the crowd you get censured.

  9. You won’t be able to find Trump in 2024 with a search warrant. Because he’ll already be in jail.

  10. I am 80 years of age and have voted since I became of legal age, from as far away as Alexandria, Egypt by absentee ballot or my home precinct here in the USA, which was processed from start to finish by volunteers, and elected officials. In my years of participating in the process, I always bought, or prepared a package of things for the Poll Workers, water, coffee, soft drinks and cookies, and passed it on to them with my “THANK YOU” for a job well done. In this process as a Democrat, I always looked for them first, but always shared with all parties who were there volunteering to help us voters.
    I cannot understand the Republican Party conducting an audit, in secret, using unreported money from private pockets mixed with tax payers hard earned money

    1. It is just a sham recount nearly six months after the election. It serves no purpose other than to keep the “Stop the Steal” movement alive. This was treason, a coup attempt. Most dictators would torture and execute anyone that tried this in their country. Trump knew he could get away with it here as he has with thousands of other felonies he has commited.

    2. I am not as old as you Gerald Brown but my story is similar.
      …if recent elections had been held the way you described those in your lifetime as those in mine, there would be no need for an investigation.

  11. Are we surprised…. Now that some of the obstruction is gone and His immunity is not protecting him from litigation It was inevitable that people would start to wake up.

    1. Nice thing about these numbers is the Fact that ONLY 100 days or so have gone by. Wonderful news actually.

  12. “If your “team” is on the side of the Capitol insurrectionists and Derek Chauvin, it’s hard to suppress the haunting fear that you’re the baddies.” – Amanda Marcotte – SALON

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