NBC News Reporter Tom Costello: What Was That Ukrainian Airline Thinking? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

"Every single aviation source I talked to … said ‘There was no indication this was mechanical. This appears to have been a catastrophic, external event,'" Tom Costello says. Aired on 1/9/20.
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NBC News Reporter Tom Costello: What Was That Ukrainian Airline Thinking? | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @yamile Fuentes reymont they’re all deranged. They don’t care about the people that died. Their deaths are just an excuse to expand their hateful rhetoric. They need mental help. Most of them are hurting those that love them.

    1. What if they were Nu cle a r engineers involved with Soloimani’s program getting out. And people didn’t want them to talk. BTW, no black box data either.

  1. The bigger question is WHY did Donald Trump do an assassination of Qassem Soleimani? There was NO THREAT to the US at all. Trump is not getting out of being blamed!!! DOTARD! 🤪

  2. This was orchestrated to bring the world into a war. Coincidentally there was a video of this rocket hitting the plane , I smell sabotage

  3. Trump has blood on his hands. The Iranians don’t care about human life but it’s shocking that our president is just like them.

    1. @nailbiter They know, but it’s worth it for them to get revenge for the 8 unbearable years they lived under the “oppression” of a black presidency.

  4. Theres no one to blame for any of this but the one who put all of us at risk, put our soldiers in harm’s way unnecessarily, and created more chaos in the world just to hijack the news cycle and relieve his own boredom. He should have been removed via the 25th Amendment a long time ago, and everyone in Washington knows it.

  5. Grounded that Plane. Just 3 hours after. Like Where Are You? Negligence – Dear Lord. What a Tragedy.

  6. What if the missiles were not military related but, a militia group?
    It might explain Iran’s military desire to backoff and regroup. After all, the Trump initiated the first strike.

  7. I was wondering the same thing. If they were going to leave, they should have waited until daylight & the plane could be identified as a commercial flight.

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