NCB Customers Victims of Cyber Attacks | TVJ News – May 25 2022

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  1. Good morning sir am from England and i keep getting emails from ncb msg i don’t ansa none of it

  2. Luckily I use safari I would be a victim safari don’t open the link and I got to the bank instant after click the link

  3. This going on from few months back I got a text to click on link and knowing me I don’t click on link….

  4. NCB I would not put a farthing in any bank in Jamaica point blank and Period…………..the bank tellers have mobile phone to ring the thieves waiting outside to robbed customer

  5. Ncb itself is a scam . They took all my money from my insurance and my daughter insurance and when I realized they told me that I will have to go to the headquarters in kingston. I didn’t even make an attempt to go because I know the fool and is money will soon depart.

  6. This has become so common, especially in North America. I get lots of emails everyday and links to my phone and I know they are not real. I just delete them. IF I happen to see something that may concern me, I call the bank directly. Not taking no check.

  7. My daughter didn’t involve in giving any information she just checked and tried to get her money and told that 0 was in there she did not participate on any call

  8. Government needs to look into this bout Dem wah put all of people information on one identification 🙄🙄🙄 these people getting really crazy

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