NDP foreign affairs critic slams 'racist' southern Africa travel ban 1

NDP foreign affairs critic slams ‘racist’ southern Africa travel ban


NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson says changes to travel restrictions amid the surge of the Omicron variant appear 'racist.'

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    1. There is no other reason for the ban , it is not based on science because one needs to produce a negative covid result before flying so what is the reason? Makes absolutely no sense .

    1. Only African countries are banned, why? There is no basis, one needs to produce a negative result before boarding a plane so why are only African countries banned when the variant has already spread around the world? South Africa is a country with the worlds top scientists and those scientists are saying there is no basis for the ban on countries in Africa, so why the ban?

    2. @Dane Willams Because the politicians and “public health officials” are incompetent. Haven’t you realized this by now after 19 months of stupidity?

  1. Wawa wacism , if you look for it everywhere you’ll find it! Couldn’t give a hoot about moronic variants, not afraid will not comply

  2. Evan is a shill or he is very stupid. If u call his radio show and disagree with him he kills the call. His topics are always one sided.

    1. Simple answer? it comes down to two things, Travel, and disposable income. Canadians are wealthier than south africans so our travel there, far outweighs their travel here, should they even come. So it’s always going to be a very take over give scenario.

    2. @Kevin Gamoe Well as one economic indicator of commercial activity our GDP is about 4x that of S.A. Then there’s average income, in which the average income for a S.A. resident is about 14k a year where as Canadian av. income is a touch over 54k… So again… disposable income, and travel.

    3. @Shawn Dejong Amount of testing is another factor. Many African countries do not have or cannot afford the testing kits.

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