NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh releases party’s election platform, calls for new taxes on ultra-rich

NDP strategist Anne McGrath breaks down the party's election platform amid speculation that a snap election will be called this weekend.

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    1. _I always vote NDP. Jagmeet is the type of leader we need right now._

      Congratulations, you’re part of the problem.

    2. @TheSweetOne _He is way better than the Tool or Trudeau_

      That’s like saying one piece of excrement is better than another. THEY’RE ALL EXCREMENT.

  1. NDP election platform in a nutshell:

    “Government will run every aspect of your life and business because we know better than you. Because we are better than you.”

  2. Hurray, more “free” things that someone else will pay for now.
    The result higher and higher taxes and a skyrocketing cost of living in Canada!
    Both Singh and Trudeau will make Canada unaffordable to actually live in, 10 to 15 years from now!

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