1. The “ultra rich” will pay. Anyone doing more than 20 hours a week at the Amazon factory is ultra rich, BTW.

    2. Might as well get more out of our taxes since tax rates almost never decrease no matter what spending cuts are made.

  1. Breaking news: Singh announces what Canadians have no chance of getting, starts speech with “If I’m elected Prime Minister…”

  2. How about opticians? Has anyone ever gone to Hakim Optical and NOT been given a prescription for glasses? I have 3 different rx’s from 3 different places.

  3. What! Hmmm🤔 That Is Different And Huge. Wow. It is sad for many. Makes me want to cry when I see someone’s low self esteem because of their teeth 🙁 I have spent 2000 and have 2000 more to go. Cavities, cleaning. Filing and then some whiteness. I have not been in 20 years but I brushed after meals and now I floss.

  4. Right it be the same as the drug benefit only covers those 25 and younger, and then 65 and up and only covers emergency extractions, and small procedures under $1000 if you need surgery it’s still out of pocket so what programs do we have that actually work

  5. It’s not just families that need the help it’s single dependants as well… wtf is with the closed sighted programming that was the exact same the liberals did, and we know NDP will cut education again, it’s what horvath did in Ontario and it’s been the exact same since

  6. Finally, one thing that will seperate Canada from Mother England: her inhabitants will have a shiny smile.

  7. Yes dental, care is very important for all low incomers, we cannot afford dental care, that’s what pm Trudeau should have done yrs ago .

  8. How about a free electric car to every Canadian over 16 YO.? A free house for every Canadian family and the government will pay for everyone’s groceries? These things much like everything else that the NDP promises have no possibility that our country could actually pay for. The NDP never gives details in how they would generate the revenue to pay for any of this. They never very show you the math behind their proposals.

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