Neal Katyal: 14th Amendment Move To Ban Trump From Future Office May Require Court Process | MSNBC 1

Neal Katyal: 14th Amendment Move To Ban Trump From Future Office May Require Court Process | MSNBC


MSNBC legal analyst Neal Katyal discusses how a clause in the 14th Amendment could be used to bar former-President Trump from holding public office in the future. Katyal says it may require a court process to decide on guilt or innocence.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Neal Katyal: 14th Amendment Move To Ban Trump From Future Office May Require Court Process | MSNBC


  1. The fact he has NEVER been held accountable for ANYTHING is criminal in itself. Just unbelievable at this point

    1. @Moving Forward his cult will threaten any willing prosecutors and judges! Political violence is now acceptable! How soon will SCOTUS decide violence is speech?

    2. @Carl Simpson they did not incite violence and death. These people killed and maimed people behind lies. Dont you think that is wrong to do?

  2. He had the WORST legal team and still got off. We need to put stricter rules in place to protect our democracy…

    1. Now would be a good time for term limits which will NEVER HAPPEN, because no one in congress will allow it on a ballot to be voted on by the people.

    1. @Gaylord Manlove That is so old .. really that is the best you have? “Tinfoil hat” is the CIA Swiss Army knife retort for exposing any of the government’s mass surveillance operations. Does Snowden need to adjust his “tinfoil hat” too?

    2. @donnie henderson yea he’s gotten covid cases to reduce. Something trump never did. Oh yeah he also signed a 1400$ stimulus check and trump only approved of 600$. He has also made it illegal to discriminate against people who are trans

    1. McConnell is the mouthpiece of the Republican caucus. He is basically an invulnerable senator willing to be the scapegoat and say what the caucus wants without fear of losing his seat. He says what the caucus wants to say but without having to answer to their constituents for it.

    1. @Elena Timofte granted and you’re right. I should have said that in my comment. In the criminal so-called justice system criminals are supposed to be locked up but I don’t have faith in our system anymore.

    2. @Elena Timofte since Reagan to Biden we have nothing but war criminals. They also should be prosecuted. Corporate Media job is to keep us distracted. You can hate trump for his a terrible human being. how ever thanks to him all corruptions were rebelled even his own.
      He  called News Media Fake,  he talked about how USA  presence in other countries was for their oil. He makes the cages for children look bad do Obama make them. He was blame and attack hippocraticy  of people/politicians was obvious.

    3. Lol where have you been? The rich have been getting away with literally EVERYTHING since the beginning of modern society… This isn’t new, it just means America is becoming like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and North Korea with uncontrollable dictator.

  3. This makes sense, at long last it is said straight out that the senators voting “no” are protecting themselves. That is a weakness of the impeachment-procedures: Insurgents can vote to acquit themselves.

    1. I agree with you he only there for the POWER since his words always stop the world of American Citizens and People to enjoy a PEACEFUL LIFE. Republicans enjoys chaos, and War

  4. Katyal hit the nail right on the head: “They voted to acquit themselves.” That’s the real reason why the Senate failed to find Trump – and themselves – guilty.

    1. @Debbie Bramwell That seems to be the answer when someone says something that a lib doesn’t want to hear – you say “Shut up”.
      But, you claim to be all about free speech?


  5. This was Moscow Mitch’s decision and his alone. He chose to postpone this trial until after Trump left office, then uses the “he’s out of office” excuse to acquit. He’s worse than Trump.

    1. @Pawel X Only debunked by the Democrats. I can read and comprehend what the constitution says.
      And the trial was wholly unconstitutional.
      Where was the chief justice who the constitution REQUIRED to be there and participating? Roberts was not there to preside over this.
      Therefore it is an unconstitutional trial.

    2. My brother described MMM’S political strategy as, making sure his Republican allies never have to make a vote that will put them in a bad political position.

      With that perspective it makes SO MUCH SENSE that this was his strategy. “well, he’s guilty but was no longer president so we in the senate CAN’T vote to convict him. (never mind that we were the ones that made sure that it happened AFTER he was out of office.)”

      Every Senator gets an “easy out” and can try to weasel between “he’s guilty but it was unconstitutional” and “I voted not guilty”

  6. This is no surprise they did it once before. When the election comes back around America needs to remove those Republican out of office with their votes. America can’t heal when these people are poison.

  7. If they are this corrupt and unwilling to hold one of their own accountable as the world watches…imagine what they do behind closed doors.

  8. I don’t ever want to see Republicans be “pro-prison” when they’re so loose on crime and “law and order.” What a joke of a party.

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